Looking for an alarm installation company in Point Cook? Serious Security Melbourne is a leading alarm installation company for owners in Point Cook. We are specialists in installing all types of Bosch alarm systems – the leading brand and technology in alarm security.

All of our alarm installations are performed by a trained security technician in your home or business. We ensure all of our technicians are fully licensed, qualified with years of security installation experience and 100% insured individually.

We offer custom alarm solutions, as well as, our popular packaged Alarm Security options for your premise in Point Cook. We know installing the best alarm system to protect your home is an important one. That’s why we only work with the best including 2 years parts & labour warranty.

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Why Choose Serious Security Melbourne for your premises in Point Cook?

Systems come with remote viewing so you can view your cameras anywhere

Systems come with remote viewing so you can view your cameras anywhere

We are one of the leading security installation companies in Melbourne today, offering integrated home and business security services and solutions. These include access control, CCTV with smart phone applications and remote viewing, intruder alarms and video intercoms.

We don’t do hidden or ongoing costs. No monthly fees – just a simple once off fee.
We’ll show you how to use your security system after we have installed it. Backed up by warranties, if you have issues, call us and we’ll help you resolve them.

Call Serious Security Melbourne for home and business CCTV systems in Point Cook on (03) 85130799


At Serious Security Melbourne – Point Cook we tailor design a home security system to suit your needs and budget, because finding the right home or business security system for your premises doesn’t need to be a complex and time consuming task.

Serious Security understands you need an answer to help guard you and your valuables from unsavoury people. Flexible solutions to achieve your needs are a critical portion of what Serious Security offers and our simple and transparent solutions we can offer can help protect commercial and residential properties throughout Point Cook. We’ve gone further than most, showing you what most people buy, so if you just want a general intrusion alarm system for a typical home / shop, you can simply choose one and book in an install.

Our systems include hard-wired and wireless options (a hard-wired system has wires that connect components to a control panel). The most common type of alarm we install are Intrusion Alarms, providing protection via internal movement detection sensors. We can also install detectors that monitor if doors are opened and reed switches that will activate the alarm if a window or door is attacked before an intruder gains entry.

Key Benefits of an Alarm System
> Protection your family / staff from prowlers (significantly reduced risk of burglary)
> Helps protect your assets from theft
> Save money on your insurance policy
> Increased resale value

Why Choose Serious Security Alarm Systems Point Cook?

  • We are one of the major competitors in the home security systems industry in Point Cook, Melbourne today, offering integrated home security services and solutions. These include access control, CCTV with smart phone applications and remote viewing, intruder alarms and video intercoms.
  • easy clear pricing
  • We offer decent 2 year warranties on our alarm products.
  • We don’t do hidden or ongoing costs (unless you need monitoring)
  • We’ll show you how to use your alarm system after we install it

Call Serious Security Melbourne for home security systems in Point Cook on (03) 85130799

Our Point Cook alarm technicians are ready to help install your new alarm system.

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