Christmas is that time of the year where we tend to let go our usual caring attitude and put on a more lackadaisical outlook. It may be no cause for concern but there is always that warning note telling us that the merriments of Christmas can also attract the spoilers – burglars! They will definitely not let up and so shouldn’t you. With Christmas time just a couple of months away, the time is ripe for you to take stock of your security situation and prime it up.

Security tips

The security tips are not exhaustive but they do make up the main precautions that you should take to secure your house.

  • The fence: this is the first line of your defence set up. Make sure that gaping holes or loose posts are patched and made firm. If you are really serious you might want to add a string or two of barbed wire along the top of your fence.
  • Foliage: trees and bushes will definitely offer hiding places for would be burglars. Clear them altogether from the side of the fence and trim the rest of the plants on your grounds that may provide hiding places for thieves.
  • Front and back doors: these doors, especially the front door are notorious access points for burglars. Most burglaries happen because the front or back doors are left open during the day. Make sure your doors are solid with strong locks and always lock both doors when you venture out for a while
  • Windows: insecure windows or those left open at daytime or during nights are sure entry points for thieves. Secure all windows with strong locks that can hold the windows in the locked position. Make sure sliding doors and windows can be locked in position.
  • Lights: a well-lit ground area surrounding your house is a very strong deterrent against burglars. They hate being caught and lights that light up their approach path is one sure way of detecting them.
  • Install an alarm system – we find that a visible siren on the front of your home acts as a great deterrant.
  • Install a CCTV system – a burglar will likely fear being captured on camera and go to another home instead.

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