Does your company handle customs clearance and logistics in the city of Sydney? If so, you will have realized that transportation of high volumes of goods that need to be sent and stored in Sydney can only be handled by a company that provides topnotch security. Such a company will also help to set your business apart from your competitors. We are a company with a track record of helping logistics companies meet the ABF or Australian Border Force security rules and regulations. Our security systems are designed to solve issues related to transportation by sea or air. We also help companies find a solution for supply chain issues. When you deal with us, you can rest assured your security problems will be stress-free and secure.

Sample CCTV Plan for Industrial Complex

If you need help or guidance for sales or installation or management of security systems, make sure you give us a call.

Securing your transportation and logistics systems

Our company evaluates your problems at your site free of cost and will do everything to ensure optimum warehouse security. After assessing probable threats, we design and also implement security systems that best suit your business’s transportation and logistics ecosystem.

If you need a spanking new system or if you wish to integrate or upgrade your present system, we are there to provide topnotch help and guidance. We tailor your systems based on our evaluations of your problems. Based on industry experience we will give you the best solution.

Protect your estate, staffs and possessions

Surveillance system

Areas that are very sensitive and which see high traffic are best protected by Ultra-High Definition Security cameras. These cameras help your company deploy its staff in the most efficient manner. In addition, thieves and burglars will stay away when they see you have deployed security cameras.

Access control systems

To ensure only authorized people can gain entry to sensitive areas of your warehouse, you need to install card access or even biometric systems. This is also a requirement of the ABF, especially in warehouses that are being monitored by ABF in Sydney. We help you pick the best access control systems and will install them in the most useful access points at your warehouse.

Intrusion alarm system

It is imperative that your business is secured and kept safe. To ensure this, we install cutting edge commercial intrusion systems which we will tailor to suit your needs. This ensures total protection of your supply chain from start to finish.

Since transportation and logistics companies deal with very valuable and voluminous items, it is important to secure them against potential security breaches. We lead in the field of commercial security systems including but not limited to those such as surveillance cameras, access control, and burglar alarm systems.