At Serious Security, we are serious about safety concerns for individuals in medium to high risk environments whom are exposed to unpredictable aggressive and/or unprovoked violent situations. Our duress and panic alarm solutions ensure all staff, sub-contractors, employees and employers, can immediately alarm for emergency assistance when confronted by unforeseen violent scenarios and that may also have life threatening consequences.

Examples of medium to high risk environments, where we consulted and installed a duress and panic emergency system include:

  • Schools that work with children with special needs, children who may have aggressive tendencies towards other students and staff, schools that are located in remote areas or high crime suburbs, schools that are susceptible to diliquents and threats.
  • Mental health clinics where staff may be confronted by agitated patients or aggressive patients / patrons
  • Social workers who may frequently be required to work one on one with high risk individuals including youth or criminal offenders
  • High value retailers who are susceptible to theft and robberies

At Serious Security, we offer various panic and duress emergency security and safety solutions that is specifically customised and configured to your premise. When engaging with our team, you can expect:

  • a completely free onsite consultation and quote on your specific requirements
  • 24 months warranty on all labour and equipment
  • exceptional post-service support
  • a flexible alarm system that allows you to securely alarm specific areas of your premise, while also allowing staff the flexibility to move into certain safe areas using their security access control key
  • multiple sensor and emergency panic stations that connect to a central monitoring office. This allows multiple panic button access, so that staff can safely and discreetly send a duress call to the central monitoring office to immediately send assistance or to call emergency services

How does a typical duress emergency system work?

At Serious Security, we specialise in installing duress and panic emergency systems where the premise does not require a third party monitoring service. This means that, for majority of our commercial customers, they would like the duress and panic alert directed to a main office unit that is manned by either their own staff members, or inhouse security team. Usually these customers work in medium to high risk fields that have all staff working onsite and have staff that are trained in managing and dispersing the uncomfortable situation.

Our duress and panic emergency system includes a few crucial components to ensure your system works seamlessly from the day we install it. You will receive:

  • a compatible alarm system that utilises both wired and wireless equipment, so staff have the security of both features in any area of your premise
  • pendant keychain with a panic button feature. This can be worn on the staff or discreetly placed in a safe access spot within the area the staff is predominantly located in.
  • emergency call and panic button that sends a high alert notice to the central office for assistance.
  • area zoning features that allow you to be silently alerted when an individual enters the zone without access permission

Give us a call today to discuss your panic and duress emergency system requirements on (02) 8734 3250 [Sydney customers] or (03) 8513 0799 [Melbourne customers].