Many men and women and even teenage girls will attest to the prevalence of stalkers and there stealthy activities especially at night. These frightening experiences occur often around the metro and suburbia of Sydney.  As providers of top quality security systems in both areas, Serious Security has noted these alarming occurrences and strives to address them with its CCTV camera systems so that residents are fully protected in their homes, offices and business premises.

Popular haunts for stalkers

Lights and the presence of many people are a curse to stalkers so they frequent areas that are dimly lit and not frequented by a lot of people like interior parking lots. If you have to negotiate isolated areas, the first obvious step is to avoid these desolate and dark places. If you are unable to do so, the next best alternative is to always carry your mobile phone that is connected to an alarm system at home. Serious Security can help you do this and make your journey from the workplace to your house or flats safe and harassment free.

Reaching your peaceful haven – home

If you have experienced the unsettling moments of being followed by a stalker, you would have also felt the dissipation of fear, anxiety and the flow of relief and feeling of safety when you reach your home. Unfortunately, the determination of some stalkers does not end at the gate. Some do forge ahead and have known to break in and enter houses, steal valuables and disappear without trace. Be proactive and install a CCTV camera system, the iconic and very hard to beat modern day security system. Of course you don’t know how to, so let us do it for you and give you peace of mind.

We have the professionals to do the job

The installation of an effective CCTV surveillance system is not an easy task to do. It requires the assistance of professionals that are fully trained in the art of selecting and installing the ideal security system for you needs. They will visit and appraise your premises and can immediately come up with just the right type of configured system that will effectively protect you home from any inquisitive stalker. They are fully trained and qualified to know how many cameras your particular situation needs; they know where the cameras will be deployed; they can tell you what other systems can be connected for greater efficiency and deployment. They know it all!

Contact us

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