The presence of valuables in the house is a sure magnet for burglars especially if they somehow know something about their presence. If you have valuables in your house be informed that burglars will try to zip into your home unseen and zap out again as fast as they can. This is the hallmark of burglars and they use it so successfully many get away with their loot long before you become aware that your valuables are missing!

The first blockade you can place in their path of entry and their planned exit is a warning system of your choice. This can be an alarm system that automatically raises the alarm when the circuit is interrupted, a CCTV surveillance camera system that can both raise the alarm and take images on film or an access control system that can alert you if there’s someone at the front door. All these security systems are highly effective in carrying out their intended purposes and you’d be helping yourself if you installed one or two of these systems in your house.

While installing your chosen system would be an added benefit for protecting your family and valuables, you should not ignore the importance and effectiveness of other measures that you can put in place to thwart burglars. They include the following:

  • There’s nothing more dangerous and revealing than advertising the fact that you have valuables stored in your house. Don’t display you high-end items for all to see such as the new Apple laptop or wide screen plus the speakers and operating deck accessories. Making your valuables seen by passers-by is really inviting trouble and be assured that you automatically become part of “burglar territory” when you do so.
  • Even the smallest valuable is worth hiding in a safe place! And don’t use the freezer because its value as a security place is overrated simply because it’s known to burglars. If you have valuable jewellery that are small and you lack a safe for keeping them, provide yourself with a makeshift box you made yourself and store it in a safe place where you know burglars won’t look.
  • It’s always wise to leave some mark on the larger valuables that you keep in the house such as your video entertainment equipment, computers and even bicycles. When you do this by engraving for instance your driving license on the surface of these valuables, you are hardly preventing burglars from doing what they normally do. However it does help when the burglar who stole them is caught and you can easily identify what belongs to you from the engraved license number.