Position Them in the Right Places

Installing an alarm system is no big deal especially when you have experts like Serious Security to assist you. But there’s no harm in being coached on where you should place the different components of your alarm systems after you’ve bought the system. Placing the different components in the right locations will enhance the operational efficiency of your system.

A place for maximum efficiency

The control panel occupies a central position in any configured placing of the alarm system components. It is where all the signals converge from the other gadgets such as the detectors and the code pad that are placed in the house around the central control area. It is right therefore that it is placed in a centralized place in the living room area where it can be easily accessed and operated. Motions that are captured by the detectors are automatically transferred to the control centre where they are processed for setting off the indoor and outdoor sirens and the strobe light.

The entrance point gadget

The keypad, with its digits and symbols portray the number and kind of functions that the system touts that make up the entire functions for the system. It can act as the arming/disarming function of the entire system. It can sometimes as a secondary arming function while the control panel is silenced for the night. In this capacity, the keypad will enable the whole system to function on a perimeter protection mode so that the entire house is protected from thieves all through the night. This extra function of the keypad will help keep the system on if the central panel fails to function.

Detecting movement and sounding the alarm are crucial

The movement you are interested in with an alarm system are of course those that happen within the house and the detectors should be placed within the vicinity of places that are likely to occasion movements. Make sure the detectors are pointed inward towards the house interior so that any unwanted familiar during the night can be detected, reported and alerted. Never point them at heat emitting appliances otherwise the extra heat will activate the system. The sirens and strobe light should be placed at the front entrance for maximum effect.

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