Operating a gym can be a lot of headaches.

Inbetween making sure your members are happy and safe, ensuring your staff are trained, signing up new members and watching over your gym, there is little time to be able to focus on unauthorised access or monitor unexpected incidents within the business.


That is why our team at Serious Security is serious about making sure your business is properly set up with the right security equipment from the start, so you can focus on what’s important.


Many fitness centers have websites enabling members to sign up online. The Data Sync Service can use this data to automatically create user records, including access details and membership period. The site may also allow members to book facilities such as a squash court or private sauna. The Data Sync Service assigns an additional access level to allow temporary access for the duration of the booking.

24 Hour Gym Security

Our gym security systems are always up to date with any changes in the member information which is automatically reflected into the system, ensuring accurate and real-time member information. When a member scans in using either their barcode, fingerprint or RFID card, the door lock is released allowing the member to enter.. This also eliminates the need for double data entry.