The Challenge

A sports stadium sees tons of people coming in and coming out from different entry/exit points. They tend to come and go in a very short time and while this is not something to be worried about, there is also the threat of a serious breach of security. This means that the modern sports stadium has to deal with the unexpected which can seriously compromise stadium security. These challenges are different than what a normal commercial establishment experiences and hence must be dealt with differently.

Since sports stadiums are filled with a large number of often rowdy fans who are cheering their teams, it means that any breach of security can easily become a nightmare for the organizers and of course, the fans. Thus, it is important to handle these risks with utmost care and the security measures in place must be of a very high standard to minimize if not extinguish any risks to the public and fans.

To ensure that fans and the public are safe and secure inside the sports stadium, it is important to install the very best smart video surveillance cameras and intrusion alarms. Furthermore, the access control systems must be ready so that crowds can be separated in case they need to be evacuated in a short time from the stadium. It is equally important to also manage various access authorizations and every measure needs to be taken to help the staff keep tabs on every area of the stadium.

The Solution

Sports stadiums require video intelligence surveillance systems that use cutting-edge IP technology with smart Artificial Intelligence functions to keep close watch and analyze the movement of people inside the stadium. These systems should help staff alert the management in case of an emergency.

Thermal Artificial Intelligence systems provide great functionality in detecting any changes in heat. They can also detect objects that are very hot or which are giving off thermal radiation. A comparison of visible images with thermal images will enable the thermal artificial intelligence system warn management in case of a danger. Better still, these systems also help to cut down the task of security teams by providing them with information about a potential threat.

Last but not least, there are intrusion alarm systems as well as access control systems that provide reliable service. When they are integrated with latest network technologies and artificial intelligence, they provide a quick and reliable threat alert through private or public networks. Use of such systems ensures that stadiums can be managed in a more industrious as well as hands-on manner.

We are there to ensure more effective stadium management in face of all kinds of serious threats. We are a complete installer and designer of such systems and have extensive expertise and experience in this field.