authorised-personnelAllow only authorised staff or personnel to enter your business premise or specific office rooms with our Access Control packages.


At Serious Security, we understand that for some businesses, keeping unwanted intruders and uninvited visitors from entering your business premise is important in protecting company assets and staff members.


We’ve predesigned some packages which in our experience have been the most common requests. Should you need a custom quote, please give us a call and we’ll assist you with your enquiry.




Bosch 6000 Access Control (includes built-in alarm system) – $2640 Fully Installed incl GST

Package Snapshot:

Bosch Solutions 6000 with graphic keypad
Proxy Reader
Electric door strike – which allows you to buzz customers or visitors in with a gate release
Relay output expansion module
4 x FOB devices ( used as the access key) – additional fob keys can be added as needed
1 x LCD keypad
3 x PIR sensors
1 x External siren strobe
1 x Internal piezo screamer
1 x Battery and back up battery


Micron Access Control System (stand alone control pad) – $1540 Fully Installed incl GST

Package Snapshot:

Micron access control keypad
Dual function code or proxy entry
Power Supply

VAUBAN – Our mid to large business solution provider


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