Majority of organisations use an access control system to manage authorised and restricted areas to staff, as well as. secure the premise from unauthorised personnel. Whether you’re looking for a simple one entry access lock to a more sophisticated multi-entry integrated software access control, our team of experienced technicians can work with you.


Serious Security have designed and provided Access Control installation services in Sydney & Melbourne for clients, including large national retail chains; strata and property management solutions; schools; shopping centres; hospitals; car yards; chemists; night clubs and hotels; retail shops; shopping centres; cafés and restaurants and much more.

Select your access control requirement:

Stand Alone Access Keypad

Simple one entry access control. Suitable for small premises with single office entries or doors.

Integrated Alarm & Access Control

Suitable for medium sized businesses. Up to 16 readers available for multiple entry points/ doors, 256 users and 144 alarm zones.

Integrated Access Control

Card, Reader and Software solution for commercial premises that have large user traffic and require real-time monitoring, card management & reporting. Seamless integration with intrusion and surveillance systems. Suitable for businesses of all sizes.

Typical Questions we ask to assess the system you require

  • Number of staff requiring access?
  • Number of Staff that require 24 hour access?
  • Does the Access Control system need to be accessed remotely for card programming?.
  • Will you be linking multiple sites or separate systems?
  • Do you need to restrict users to specific hours of operation?
  • Does your access control system require integration to  CCTV and Alarm Systems?
  • Which Doors do you need to provide Access Control to?
  • Do you want access via cards / fobs / finger prints or facial recognition?
  • Do you need to integrate with existing Intercom systems?
  • Do you require access via the web to provide / deny access to staff?

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Access control systems are an essential tool for businesses looking to secure their premises and protect valuable assets. These systems allow businesses to control who has access to certain areas, and to monitor and track the movements of individuals within their facilities.

One of the key benefits of access control systems is that they provide a high level of security. By using a combination of physical and electronic security measures, such as keycards, biometric scanners, and security cameras, businesses can ensure that only authorized personnel are able to enter certain areas. This can be especially important in sensitive areas, such as data centers or labs, where the risk of theft or unauthorized access is high.

In addition to security, access control systems also offer a range of other benefits. For example, they can help businesses to improve efficiency and productivity by controlling access to certain areas during specific times of the day. This can help to ensure that employees are able to work in a safe and secure environment, while also reducing the risk of interruptions or distractions.

Another benefit of access control systems is that they can help businesses to comply with regulatory requirements. For example, many industries are subject to strict regulations around data security, and access control systems can help businesses to meet these requirements by controlling access to sensitive data.

Overall, access control systems are an important tool for businesses of all sizes. They can help to improve security, efficiency, and compliance, while also providing peace of mind for businesses and employees alike. So, if your business is looking to improve security and protect valuable assets, consider investing in an access control system.

Smarter access control for your business

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 Gyms and Fitness Centers Many fitness centers have websites enabling members to sign up online. The Data Sync Service can use this data to automatically create user records, including access details and membership period. The site may also allow members to book facilities such as a squash court or private sauna. The Data Sync Service […]

Access Control for Visitors

Visitor Management The Data Sync Service is ideal for administering temporary access for visitors including tradesmen and contractors. Details are extracted from the Visitor Management System and used to grant access for the duration the visitor will be onsite. How it works: User details are extracted from the third party system via the systems reporting […]

Access Control for Freight / Delivery Services

Freight / Delivery Services In situations where delivery trucks are required to enter a controlled gate, the Data Sync Service can be used to automate temporary visitor access for truck and courier drivers. Drivers won’t have access cards, so the service is used to take the booked jobs from the database to create users with […]

This is not a movie, access control in real life

In general, access control refers to the implementation of restrictions to gain admittance to certain information or an area. Access control can be physically implemented in which authorities deploy manpower to give or deny access permission. Access control can also be granted or turned down via locks, card, or login passwords.   It is common […]

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Web Based Access Control for SMBs - Inner Range Inception

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