As healthcare facilities and hospitals grow larger and are under pressure to provide around-the-clock care, they become more susceptible to a wide array of security risks and vulnerabilities. It is the up to each individual hospital and healthcare organisation to decide on the right security tools to meet their needs.

Serious Security proudly offers a selection of video security solutions to provide your healthcare facility with the peace of mind that comes with complete protection. With our suite of video management and network-based systems, providing video imaging/surveillance from a centralised, or even remote, location is more efficient than ever.

From monitoring patient, employee, and visitor traffic, to keeping an eye on secured areas, improving hospital security, patient safety, insulating your organization from potential liability claims, improving operating efficiencies, reducing costs that healthcare administrators face and complying with regulatory guidelines – we can help.

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Sharon is the general manager of a large healthcare facility in Melbourne. As the manager of a facility that cares for vulnerable patients, Sharon was concerned about maintaining a safe and secure environment for both patients and staff.

To address this issue, Sharon decided to install CCTV cameras throughout the facility. She placed cameras in key locations, such as the reception area, patient rooms, hallways, and the parking lot.

One of the reasons Sharon installed CCTV cameras was to deter criminal activity. She knew that healthcare facilities can be targets for theft and vandalism, and she wanted to ensure that her facility was protected. The cameras act as a deterrent for would-be criminals, and provide evidence of any criminal activity.

Another reason Sharon installed CCTV cameras was to improve the overall security of the facility. She could monitor the comings and goings of patients and staff, and ensure that only authorized personnel had access to restricted areas. She also used the footage to identify patterns of misuse, such as peak times and areas where security was most commonly compromised, and make adjustments to the security measures accordingly.

Additionally, Sharon installed CCTV cameras to monitor the care of patients. She used the footage to ensure that staff were providing the highest level of care, and to identify any potential issues or concerns.

As a result of the CCTV installation, Sharon was able to improve the overall safety and security of her healthcare facility. The cameras not only deterred criminal activity, but they also provided her with the ability to monitor the care of her patients and staff. Her patients felt safer and her staff felt more secure while they were providing care to others.