It Doesn’t Pay to Skimp Security

With business security, it is not a matter of counting the cash and deciding to use as little as possible on security systems. Rather it is a time for calculating the amount that will ensure the security of staff, assets and ultimately, profitability. Adopting this attitude this Christmas may well take the security of your business to ten years hence, but if you are on the stingy side, your business may take a beating from the clandestine doings of burglars. Christmas season is not only a time for spending on goods; it’s also a time to spend generously on the security of your business.

Review you security needs

A wise business owner will take the security of the business seriously and will conduct continual reviews of security needs over time. Such reviews will ensure that the system has been properly installed, that it’s operating efficiently and has been updated to allow the introduction of new inventions. At Serious Security we are enthusiastic supporters of continual monitoring and reviews of security competency by business owners that do not wish to lose their goods or valuables to marauding burglars.

Some security tips to ponder

If you adopt a serious outlook for the welfare of your business and everyone that works in it, the following security risks may just send the right message to you for doing what you need to do for the security of your business. Your business may be exposed to the following:

  • Armed robbery and burglary
  • Stealing of valuable items
  • Threats to the safety of your staff members
  • Unsafe workplace grounds that occasions accidents to staff and visitors.
  • Incidents of harassment and assaults
  • Use of drugs in the workplace during working hours
  • Serious theft of intellectual property
  • Acts of sabotage or espionage to your business
  • Disruptions to the operations of the business
  • Acts of blatant vandalism to your premises

The logical solution

If your business is exposed to several of the above risks, the only logical step to take for addressing them is by conducting a whole review of your whole business operation and attempt to address these shortcomings by introducing the most appropriate solutions to your situation. Always remember that Serious Security will be at hand to assist you in your efforts. Think about installing a CCTV security system with many security functions that are likely to address most of the problems itemized above. The more review you conduct and the more solutions you introduce to address your issues the better for your business.

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