How to keep a building parking garage or multi-storey car park secure

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Cut crime by installing camera systems in your car park or garage

Cars are often stolen from car parks in which break-ins and vandalism are a frequent occurrence If you want to ensure cars are not stolen or scratched and if you want to prevent damage to your facility, then you need to install security cameras in your car park. An analysis found that surveillance via camera systems can effectively cut crime.

In case your car park happens to be located in a high-density area then there is bigger risk of car thefts and other mishaps. Since large number of cars will be entering and exiting the car park you want to make sure that the area is properly secured. This is only possible if you install the right video surveillance system so that all movement of vehicles can be recorded and monitored. This helps in crime detection and deterrence.

Recommendations for installing surveillance systems in your car park

Before installing surveillance systems, the first question you need an answer for is what the right and most effective place is to install your cameras is. Regardless of the type of car park you want to secure, you need to make sure the surveillance cameras are installed at the most important access and exit points. These points could be the main entrance and exit or it can be near a ticket machine or lift area or even a fire door or stairs.

Next, you need to choose your surveillance equipment carefully. Ideally, you need to install cameras that cannot be vandalized and which are capable of recording as well as monitoring activity in Ultra-High Definition. A camera that is IP-based is also a useful option especially those that come with UJD level lenses and which have the technology that allows you to remotely access the entire security footage from almost all locations. IP cameras with extremely high-resolution CMOS lenses are ideal as they are able to show the most minute details and they are well suited for recording license plate numbers.

The main reasons why you should install car park security systems are they provide greater security and they help in monitoring activities. They also prevent and deter thieves and will ensure that few if any valuables are stolen from parked vehicles.