The Laws that relate to CCTV on private property


If your enquiry relates to CCTV surveillance on private property, a few options you could consider:

  • The Surveillance Devices Act 2007 regulates the installation, use, maintenance and retrieval of surveillance devices
  • If the property is also being used as a workplace, you could consider whether the Workplace Surveillance Act 2005 is relevant
  • If the property is part of a strata title, you could enquire as to whether CCTV is contravening a bylaw
  • You can contact your local council to find out whether the practice may contravene any local laws. Some councils may require planning permission for CCTV
  • If you have issues with the operators of CCTV on private property, you can seek mediation at a Community Justice Centre – 1800 990 777
  • If the footage is being used for indecent purposes you can report it to the NSW Police.


Engage a lawyer if you are after legal advice.

Below is the advice given on the OAIC page.

An organisation or agency that uses a surveillance device, such as a security camera or CCTV, generally must follow several laws.

If the Privacy Act 1988 covers the organisation or agency, then any personal information they collect through a surveillance device must comply with the Australian Privacy Principles. The Privacy Act covers Australian Government agencies and organisations with an annual turnover of more than $3 million, and some other organisations. Such an organisation or agency must:

  • tell you that your image may be captured before you’re recorded
  • make sure recorded personal information is secure and destroyed or de-identified when it is no longer needed

State and territory surveillance and monitoring laws also cover surveillance devices. For more information, contact the Attorney-General’s Department in your state or territory.

Residential security cameras (from the OAIC page)

If your neighbour has a security camera pointed at your house and you’re worried about your privacy, first try to talk to your neighbour. If this doesn’t fix the problem, you could ask your local community justice or neighbourhood mediation centre for help (see the table below).

The Privacy Act doesn’t cover a security camera operated by an individual acting in a private capacity but state or territory laws may apply. For more information, contact the Attorney-General’s Department in your state or territory. However, if you’re concerned about your safety, contact the police.

You could also contact your local council to find out if the practice contravenes any local laws. Some councils require planning permission for security cameras.

If your property is part of a strata title, check the by-laws to see if they cover installing or using security cameras.

The CCTV Security System in Schools


Subsequent to the series of security incidents that have occurred in schools, renewed interest in the CCTV security camera system has exploded to new heights. Schools do not offer much in the way of valuables that may entice burglars to pick on schools as prime targets and hence this is not an area that poses concern. Concern lies in the increasing rise of indecent assaults that are committed against students themselves as well as violence towards teachers in nearly all the schools across the nation. They have become areas that need to be addressed.

Demand for CCTV cameras

With the rise in assaults and violence in schools against students and teachers alike, the demand for CCTV security cameras has correspondingly soared. They are now deemed to become a permanent part of the school landscapes focusing mainly on playgrounds and campuses throughout Australia. More important has been the significant improvement in the level of violence and bullying problems that have plagued 25 high risk schools in the country. At Serious Security we are profoundly impressed by this trend and has given us all the more reason to forge ahead on security issues.

A proven panacea for school violence

A school can become a very harsh environment for some students and teachers. After all they are all too human and any impingement on their liberties and securities is likely to impact on the academic performance of students and the teaching capabilities of teachers. The success in the use of CCTV security cameras in Australian schools points to a way forward in addressing issues that are specific only to school environments and it also sends a signal to other countries that security problems confronting Australian schools can be successfully addressed by the application of CCTV cameras.

Precautionary security actions to take

  1. Identify potential trouble spots – these will include perimeters to buildings, car parks used by staff and areas where students usually congregate such as corridors, playgrounds, canteen areas, private study rooms and playing fields.
  2. Apply suitable solutions – some of the solutions will include placing CCTV video cameras for tackling violent and unsocial behaviour. Another possibility would be to involve virtual guard patrols on school grounds
  3. Correct placing of CCTV cameras – this will ensure the proper and effective functioning of the cameras in deterring violence and will also provide useful information for investigating the root causes of security incidents,

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The Community and Security Video Surveillance


Theft, vandalism, violent crimes and drug abuse are now all part and parcel of communal living especially in large cities like Sydney and at Serious Security we are constantly assailed with information about their occurrence and the damage they cause. These unattractive lifestyles impinge on the orderly functioning of communal interaction and cultural zones within the city meaning that as long as they occur society stands to lose out. It stands to reason then that in order for civil order to take shape, these traits must be controlled.

The magic of the CCTV camera system

Local governments are now waking up to the reality that bad things that happen to their citizens in their houses are also happening to people directly under council jurisdiction and protection. They have found that an increasing number of Australians, in particular, those living in Sydney are feeling safer from the installation of the CCTV camera security system. What is more poignant is the fact that more than half feel the CCTV security system offer an effective anti-crime deterrent. No doubt councils will put systems in place that will provide communal security at reasonable costs.

High definition cameras offer the best value

There are many types of CCTV solutions each with their own price tags and effectiveness. The high definition cameras are just about the best options available on the market and they possess certain features that definitely enhance security. They can optically zoom, tilt downwards and rotate a full 360 degrees thereby providing perfect coverage of activities that go on below it. Other features include the ability of being integrated into police alarm systems, Back to Base reporting systems and can be operated by remote control. We can assist in every single one of these configurations.

Place them in the right locations

Another key factor in installing the CCTV camera is to place them where they will prove most effective. By doing so, the cameras will play their security role to the full by being able to take clear video images of perpetrators and providing invaluable information to police that may wish to conduct an investigation into an alleged breach of security and the theft of valuable property. They should be placed where they can even reveal ‘blind-spots’ or see beyond obstructions so that the whole area in question is covered to the detriment of unwanted visitors.

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Designing and Building a Secure Home


Designing and Building a Secure Home

Security concerns are the right sentiments to entertain when you are either renovating your home or have decided to build a new dream home for you and your wife. You’ve probably decorated your new home with the latest trends and gear such as a leather lounge from Demir. They may well deter burglar activity in the future and spare you the pain and trauma of a burglarized home. At Serious Security we take security very seriously and we are at the vanguard of a general security mobilization that seeks to curb the otherwise unrestrained activities of burglars on our beloved houses. The damage that these unwanted visitors cause is astronomic but there are ways of thwarting their advance.

Be familiar with crime statistics

Before you give the go ahead to build your dream home, take the trouble of finding out the kind of crimes that occur in the neighbourhood and their frequency. This will provide an insight into a house design that will factor in and allow for these types of information. Many people in Australia especially in the city of Melbourne are taking these steps when they plan to rent or buy a home. The information will help you decide on the type of design that will offer maximum security against burglaries when they do happen.

Helpful security tips to enhance your security

When you are renovating or building a house, be sure to factor in the following security tips to enhance the security of your dwelling:

  • Make sure balconies and windows are built away from external fixtures that may be used as potential climbing aids such as drain pipes or gutters or well away from tall trees.
  • The house front and all entry points should be clearly exposed for viewing at a distance and are also well-lit as intruders can easily be detected by your neighbours.
  • Deadbolt locks should be standard for every door and should be positioned to prevent the unlocking of the doors from the inside by unwanted visitors who manage to break a window close by.
  • Room designing and power outlets should be geared to allow the placing of expensive appliances such as TVs and electronic devices away from the line of vision from outside the house.
  • You can be selective in applying security by installing zoning alarms for rooms that accommodate expensive assets such as the living room and kitchen. This will do away with the need of installing a monitored alarm system for the whole house.
  • Be sure to install a security system that is easy to access and operate,
  • Mount cameras in visible places, as this will be more likely to deter intruders. For improved security, these should be in protected enclosures to make them difficult to tamper with.

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Strobe Lights – The Unappreciated Element of Alarms


An Important Component

Light switches and power points are important components for providing light in the house. The strobe light is likewise an important component of a security alarm system. With it, the user can establish the occurrence of an incident as well as the aftermath, during which time the house owner is given the opportunity to act in response to the emergency. At Serious Security, we are staunch supporters of alarm systems that include a strobe light that emits an intense blue light that flickers on and off at regular intervals to attract attention.

Activation causes a chain reaction

Once the alarm system is triggered a series of coordinated events take place in your alarm system that all focus on one thing – the safety of your house. All the internal screamers and exterior sirens immediately start announcing their urgent message to both the residents and nearby neighbours. The blue strobe light also goes into action by emitting a blue light that flickers on and off alerting bystanders a breach of security has been instigated by unfriendly elements. If your alarm system is monitored, an automatic dialler will alert the monitoring station to take appropriate action.

What happens after the alarm goes into action

As suddenly as they started, the blaring sound of the sirens suddenly cease after about 2 to 5 minutes depending on the type of alarm system you have installed but the strobe light continues to flicker on and off informing occupants or who have just arrived after an evening out that an incident had taken place and that the alarm system was activated successfully. The flickering strobe light tells the arrived home owners that the culprit may still be in the house or on the premises and they can take action as they deem necessary.

It serves an important function  

The reason why the strobe light is an indispensable part of an alarm system is when it is not flashing a signal by the time you arrive home, it means that the system as not automatically activated itself, meaning that no incident happened during your absence and everything is as normal as when you left the house. If it is flickering when you arrive home, it immediately warns you that the system has been triggered by an event that took place during your absence. It also hints that the uninvited guest may still be in the home going about their business.


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The All Important Security Audit


One of the many worries, and perhaps the worst, that business people experience is the constant loss of annual profits to theft each year. Entrepreneurs need to undertake security checks of the entire premises. In doing so, they will minimize the incidence of theft and all the anxieties and frustrations that go with it. At Serious Security, one of our top priorities is in enhancing the security of businesses and we are always ready to offer assistance in facilitating security audits.

  1. Obtain a security checklist – knowing the personal histories of individuals especially those with a history of burglary crimes is a must. The State police department can provide them.
  2. Undertake an assessment – a risk assessment is an essential exercise that needs to be undertaken for highlighting potential security risks. Professionals from Serious Security will provide assistance during a security assessment of the premises from the front to the back areas for highlighting potential security hazards.
  • All entries to the premises should be checked that should include the parking areas through to the as well as all doors and exit areas to ascertain the premise’s security against burglar activities.
  • The inspection should take account of the outer walls and even drain pipes that may become a risk to the security of the premises.
  1. Provide suitable solutions – appropriate preventive measures should by taken wherever needed to enhance security that may include but not restricted to:
  • The fitting of strong, tough locks and security screening or iron grills to all doors and windows to prevent easy entry into the premises.
  • The adding of convex mirrors inside retail shops to enable staff members to readily and easily have a clear view of all the shop corners and be aware of customer behaviour during their shopping.
  • Make sure to have proper lighting for the main entry and exit points for deterring the entering attempts by burglars and for providing an easy and clutter free route of evacuation by staff when they feel threatened by burglar activity.
  • Plan on installing a CCTV surveillance cameras or a monitored security alarm system to provide added security and protection to your home or business premises.
  1. Training of staff members – staff members should be trained so they get accustomed in performing their roles during an emergency incident.
  2. Maintain contact with specialist – maintaining contact with a specialist will ensure the right counter measures are put in motion to thwart the clandestine activities of burglars and thieves.

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Auto Tracking PTZ Can get the Job Done


If you want to conserve your financial resources this Christmas for buying other goods, one bad method of doing so is by investing in an auto-tracking PTZ camera. Before you jump headlong into buying one, we at Serious Security would caution you to seriously look into three aspects of the intended buy. Learn about the qualities and capabilities of the camera, your needs that the camera can address and last but not least, its price. These are all important to factor into your intention but here are a few hints to help you make a good decision.

It locks in onto the biggest and fastest

Hypothetically speaking, when you install an auto-tracking PTZ camera overlooking an area where lots of people and vehicles are constantly in motion, the camera will zoom in and lock onto the largest and fastest vehicle. This effectively means that only a small section of the whole scene including motion will be taken by the camera. The rest are left out of the camera’s vision. Moreover, the camera can turn sideways left and right and downwards but not up, meaning that anything above the horizon is also left out.


It can turn a full 360 degrees

Another commendable feature of the camera is its ability in turning around a full 360 degrees when being used. This means that in the case of our installed camera the picture of the largest and fastest moving form will be the only featured during the entire 360 degrees if it’s mounted on a pole that overlooks the area and the object in motion moves right around the pole. The snag is that if say a helicopter arrived and hovered over the area, the camera won’t be able to change its line of vision upwards to take a shot at it.

What then is the ideal filming scenario?

It follows logically from the above that since the camera can only take pictures of large and fast moving objects, it would be best be used in a situation where there is limited traffic around and movement is at a minimum. The camera will function as it is supposed to under these conditions and not otherwise and it wouldn’t be a bad idea if you could drop a line or two to the manufactures to point out these flaws. Alternatively, the only other practical solution to this technical glitch would be to hire the services of security guards that would be better able to police the whole area effectively.

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Bosch Solution 2000/3000 Alarms


Bosch Security Systems has released its new Solution 2000 and 3000 alarm panels which are designed to expand and handle evolving automation and communication modules in the future.

Bosch 2000/3000 Brochure

While offering the same telephone line communication capabilities as existing intrusion panels, the Solution 2000 and 3000 also have available a range of communications extension modules that integrate directly with the panel and provide options such as mobile communications via the GSM and GPRS networks, along with IP reporting through the Internet.

Bosch Remote Security Control app gives users full control of intrusion panels through AndroidOS or IOS smartphone.

Evolving Electronic Networks

The kind of electronic networks that manufactures of tech products are making these days are simply amazing and that also goes to Bosch’s new alarm panels that are now on the market. At Serious Security, we have noted this development and note with awe what these panels can do. They look far ahead into the future and try to make networks more efficient and easier to use by customers that want to avail themselves of the services these panels can provide. More important, they are extremely affordable and flexible for adapting to future advances in technology.

Technology of the future

Even with the plethora of buildings these days that have been built according to new architectural designs, the trend shows that future designs will move towards very tall, streamlined and harmonious structures. These structures will need more sophisticated types of communication networks that will need the very panels being produced by Bosch. The company maintains that its panels are flexible to such an extent they can be adapted to accommodate any change in lifestyle, in the connectivity required and the degree of rapid expansion that will be part of the future.

More add-ons to come

As if the qualities of the panels alone weren’t enough, Bosch has thought of producing other additional features alongside the alarm panels. More expansion functions will be added to the panels in the next few months and they will definitely add to the glamour and popularity of the new technological wizardry. Installers and users alike will be brought face to face with the potential utility of the products that will open other windows of opportunity for further expansion. For instance, the new modules will feature the integration of video and home automation into existing networks.

Exceedingly attractive controls

The controls for the modules are exemplary works technological achievement shrouded in metal casings that exhibit a very compact look. There are termination points surrounding the outside of each module that are tagged, making it easy to navigate and difficult to lose direction at the same time. The tagged terminals make it virtually impossible for a user to fumble and lose track while performing several functions or a single function at a time. With these kinds of features decked all over their outer casing, targeted markets are sure to welcome their appearance.

Features of the Bosch 2000 and 3000 include:

* 8/16 Fully Programmable Zones
* 41 Codes – 1 Installer, 20 User Codes, 20 RF Keyfobs
* 16 Wireless Devices (on Solution 3000)
* Partitionable in to 2 separate areas on Solution 3000
* STAY / AWAY Arming Options
* Selectable Reports per User Code
* Entry and Exit Warning
* Automatic Arming
* Remote Arming
* Zone Lockout
* 256-event History Memory
* 5 Programmable Outputs
* Dynamic Battery Test.

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Protecting Pubs – Choosing the right mix of security


Pubs have such a great attraction for the ‘macho’ element in society to congregate within its walls its not difficult to guess that tempers will explode and fists start flying. It has also been solidly proven that in New South Wales alone, an estimated 85% of all armed robberies took place in pubs. It is the responsibility of pub owners to ensure the safety of its staff, patrons and property. One way of addressing the problem is by introducing a mixture of security strategies that includes CCTV cameras, virtual guards, monitored alarm and bottle tags that can be installed in the premise.

The most important security deterrent

The CCTV surveillance camera falls under this category and since it has come from people who have actually seen the changed results brought about by the system, there is no reason not to believe it. The cameras are simply marvellous and the footage they provide facilitates any follow up investigation needed. They are not overly costly and they provide excellent, clear video images of anyone captured by the camera lens including of course our dire enemies – the burglars. The rising popularity of the CCTV security cameras has resulted from the success it has enjoyed with users.

A very cheap system to operate

When the CCTV security system is integrated with virtual guard patrols, it becomes a less costly security system for the pubs. What actually transpires in this dual application is that guards are able to view real live video images captured and relayed by the cameras at their remote monitoring base. They accordingly mount patrols to respond to the level of urgency conveyed by the viewed footage and in doing so, they work in real time to monitor and conduct patrols to quell or pre-empt any anit-social event that develops in the pub.

The complementary monitored alarm system

One of the most amazing features of a monitored alarm system is it works perfectly in consort with a CCTV security system. This can be achieved with an established connection to a Back to Base monitoring alarm station. This functions in a similar fashion to the virtual monitoring centre that views security situations in the pubs that are connected to it. Similarly, the CCTV system alerts the guards at the Back to Base station who can respond very quickly to any incident.

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Camera Invasion of the Market


I don’t know whether you’ve noticed the sheer volume of cameras that have flopped on the market lately, but that’s exactly what has happened. The latest CCTV surveillance cameras are so affordable, flexible and outstandingly effective, there’s no other way of describing the upsurge. They have literally invaded and swamped the market to such an extent it has been estimated that on average, a person is likely to have a picture taken of him or her about 15 times daily. And that’s no exaggeration given the array of gadgetry available and the love people have of getting their photos taken.

Not 100% but totally effective

The CCTV surveillance camera is one very reliable security camera system that has taken huge strides against the unwanted crime of burglary. The mere fact that these security cameras are able to monitor an area and take clear video shots of perpetrators, is in itself, a strong deterrent to the very act of committing burglaries. It will become a very daunting prospect for thieves once they realize that their clear video images can be used as evidence against them in any court of law. They are so versatile they can practically monitor any situation and provide security for people, employees and visitors.

Gone are the tapes

It is somewhat of a relief that you no longer have to spend countless hours playing a tape (without viewing the speaker), when ascertaining what had taken place. Because the CCTV security camera can be programmed to suit any situation, it is easy to select a certain footage simply by using the mouse to point at a certain date and time and the whole scene will be enacted on screen. The security cameras also feature high resolution video capable of capturing the minutest detail including the swift hand action of a pickpocket.

The future of the CCTV security camera

There is no doubting the capabilities of the CCTV security camera in helping entrepreneurs to safely operate their enterprises. To help boost their ongoing reliability and popularity there is now the integrated visual surveillance management technology that utilizes newly configured CCTV cameras that will have immense benefit to users. With it, businesses are able to obtain algorithm data from their cameras and use it to monitor customer behaviour and that will improve marketing decisions. The cameras can also be used to monitor employee movements for improving productivity and efficiency.

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