Stainless Door Pricing

Size Hinged or Sliding Door Price (2100mm high) Upgrade to 2400mm high doors
0mm-855mm wide $ 937 installed incl. GST per door +$130 per door
855mm – 1000mm wide $1067 installed incl. GST per door +$156 per door
1001mm – 1300mm wide $1197 installed incl. GST per door +$195 per door
1300mm – 1600mm wide $1392 installed incl. GST per door +$195 per door

All hinged doors are fitted with a triple lock, bug seal and door closer

All sliding doors are fitted with a single lock

All doors meet Australian security door standards and will be installed by security licensed personnel only. 

Colour Options

Note the mesh (stainless steel or restricted view) is only available in black

How to Keep Your Valuable Items Secure


The presence of valuables in the house is a sure magnet for burglars especially if they somehow know something about their presence. If you have valuables in your house be informed that burglars will try to zip into your home unseen and zap out again as fast as they can. This is the hallmark of burglars and they use it so successfully many get away with their loot long before you become aware that your valuables are missing!

The first blockade you can place in their path of entry and their planned exit is a warning system of your choice. This can be an alarm system that automatically raises the alarm when the circuit is interrupted, a CCTV surveillance camera system that can both raise the alarm and take images on film or an access control system that can alert you if there’s someone at the front door. All these security systems are highly effective in carrying out their intended purposes and you’d be helping yourself if you installed one or two of these systems in your house.

While installing your chosen system would be an added benefit for protecting your family and valuables, you should not ignore the importance and effectiveness of other measures that you can put in place to thwart burglars. They include the following:

  • There’s nothing more dangerous and revealing than advertising the fact that you have valuables stored in your house. Don’t display you high-end items for all to see such as the new Apple laptop or wide screen plus the speakers and operating deck accessories. Making your valuables seen by passers-by is really inviting trouble and be assured that you automatically become part of “burglar territory” when you do so.
  • Even the smallest valuable is worth hiding in a safe place! And don’t use the freezer because its value as a security place is overrated simply because it’s known to burglars. If you have valuable jewellery that are small and you lack a safe for keeping them, provide yourself with a makeshift box you made yourself and store it in a safe place where you know burglars won’t look.
  • It’s always wise to leave some mark on the larger valuables that you keep in the house such as your video entertainment equipment, computers and even bicycles. When you do this by engraving for instance your driving license on the surface of these valuables, you are hardly preventing burglars from doing what they normally do. However it does help when the burglar who stole them is caught and you can easily identify what belongs to you from the engraved license number.

Is Your Home a Burglar Proof Haven?



The idea of forging together an environment that will safeguard the safety and freedom of self, family and valuables from fellow human beings may seem farfetched. But for your sake it’s an investment that must be done with due diligence and total commitment. The availability of security systems is not the problem as there are numerous systems that can be easily found in both conventional and online e-stores.

The range in pricing varies with the type of system and make with some systems attaching somewhat high-end prices. However, if safety and security against possible accidents and damage as well as loss of valuables are really your priority concerns, then prices shouldn’t be a hindrance. For instance in the long run, it may be more worthwhile to purchase an updated and highly efficient system that will safeguard the wealth you hold in your home.

The most obvious need for a reliable and efficient security system is when you are planning not to be in your home for an extended period of time such as going on a month long vacation. This is the time when your home and valuables are at maximum risk and equally a time you’d want to make your home less exposed to burglary activities. These scenarios are not a problem if you really care about your wealth and solutions galore are available for you to acquire and use.

Are you immediately thinking alarms, CCTV surveillance cameras, intercoms and access control solutions to your security issues? If you are then you are putting the right foot forward. Buy let’s say you’ve definitely set you mind on purchasing and installing a CCTV surveillance system. This is a fantastic choice and one that you won’t regret one bit but even if you’ve made the decision, there are other aspects which you can take care of to bolster your security system further.

These additional precautionary measures will augment the security given by your CCTV surveillance system and include the following:

  • Ask a neighbour to bring in all your deliveries such as papers, mail and others
  • Have someone trim the lawn so it doesn’t act as a give-away sign that you are not at home.
  • You should leave your car parked in the driveway to make intruders believe you are about.
  • Leave the lights and radio on automated timers to discourage intruders.
  • Don’t leave any evidence on your answering machine or voice mail and make sure someone deletes the messages to prevent overloading.

Safety in your garage or parking lot


A Dangerous Place to be Alone

Some of us have seen films of lonely indoor parking lots where a woman or man are accosted and robbed in these dangerous places. The films actually portray what actually happens and never fool yourself that it won’t happen to you especially this Christmas when the bad elements are in their elements. There is very little you can do if you are attacked with a gun or sharp instrument but there are ways of mitigating the incidence and severity of these attacks by thieves and their compatriots. You must first realize that the indoor parking area is a dangerous place to be anytime!

Know the interior car park intimately

Make a habit of studying the interior of the car park so you know where everything is located. Know where you may hide when under pressure and not be seen. Be familiar with where the security cameras are placed as your incident may mean life and death to you. Never take your safety lightly and always remember you can augment your personal security by forming alliances with people in the block, with a co-worker for setting up some kind of signal code that only you and he/she knows. Build a bond with the security guard to enhance your safety and security.

Never show your weakness

Perhaps you cannot avoid using you cell phone so often but it is this kind of habit that burglars look for in their victims. They know that the minute you pick up the phone and answer it, your focus is on the incoming message and lose control of your situation. These are times when you are most vulnerable and burglars and assailants can launch their sudden attack. And who’s to interfere? It is late at night, no one is in sight and your car is a good 30 meters away along the indoor car park way. When you take a call go near a security camera and never take your eyes away from your environment.

Look for the bright side

When you are on your way to your car after work late at night as usual, don’ lose focus but immediately become alert and swerve towards the brighter side of the car parking area and never lose where the security cameras are. If an incident occurs near the elevator, remember it has a security camera so do your best to lure your assailant to the camera so their picture can be taken that can be used for follow up action on the suspects. It is very important for your security and safety never to lose focus while on the move. You can relax once you get home!

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Keeping Your Staff Safe Over Shopping Season


Anti-social and criminal activities can expose retail and hospitality staff to a situation of higher risk this Christmas. Unfortunately, burglars, muggers and assailants view the holiday period as a time for really easy pickings. Shoppers and sellers alike, they reason, will throw caution to the winds and leave many things unattended, including their focus on safety precautions. At Serious Security we try time and time again to warn shoppers not to drop their guards down and become victims of alert and greedy burglars and their like.

Lack of security causes lack of confidence

The situation is all the more serious when a recall is made of a recent research taken on the way Australian employers feel about their security in the workplace. The ‘Small Business Crime Index’ has revealed that around 1 in every 4 employees or 23% of the total workforce believe their leaders aren’t doing enough to ensure their security by minimizing the crime rate that is spiralling at the workplace. These security risks, they relate, include robbery, shoplifting, pickpocketing, break-ins and physical assaults.

Not much attention paid to security issues

Many methods of enhancing the security of retail and hospitality staff such as drawing up a roster for staff members to act as security guards and patrol the workplace or intensifying staff training on expanding their understanding of security systems and procedures. Employers could also address the problem of late night and early morning stints that frequently result in a great deal of concern from staff members about their safety and security at work. Some complain of working lone shifts and others are actually assaulted during work.

Not doing anything about it?

At Serious Security we were totally taken by surprise when the survey revealed that 14 % of small business owners owned up and said they had done nothing to address the issues. Still more unbelievable was the disclosure that 37% admitted they never bother to train their staff on security procedures while fewer admitted they only provided staff training whenever new systems are introduced or when the staff was going through an induction period. Needless to say this is totally unacceptable and something needs to be done about it.

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Before Installing An Alarm System…


Position Them in the Right Places

Installing an alarm system is no big deal especially when you have experts like Serious Security to assist you. But there’s no harm in being coached on where you should place the different components of your alarm systems after you’ve bought the system. Placing the different components in the right locations will enhance the operational efficiency of your system.

A place for maximum efficiency

The control panel occupies a central position in any configured placing of the alarm system components. It is where all the signals converge from the other gadgets such as the detectors and the code pad that are placed in the house around the central control area. It is right therefore that it is placed in a centralized place in the living room area where it can be easily accessed and operated. Motions that are captured by the detectors are automatically transferred to the control centre where they are processed for setting off the indoor and outdoor sirens and the strobe light.

The entrance point gadget

The keypad, with its digits and symbols portray the number and kind of functions that the system touts that make up the entire functions for the system. It can act as the arming/disarming function of the entire system. It can sometimes as a secondary arming function while the control panel is silenced for the night. In this capacity, the keypad will enable the whole system to function on a perimeter protection mode so that the entire house is protected from thieves all through the night. This extra function of the keypad will help keep the system on if the central panel fails to function.

Detecting movement and sounding the alarm are crucial

The movement you are interested in with an alarm system are of course those that happen within the house and the detectors should be placed within the vicinity of places that are likely to occasion movements. Make sure the detectors are pointed inward towards the house interior so that any unwanted familiar during the night can be detected, reported and alerted. Never point them at heat emitting appliances otherwise the extra heat will activate the system. The sirens and strobe light should be placed at the front entrance for maximum effect.

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Digital Vs Optical Zooms for CCTVs


A Plethora of New Tech Terms

Language is something that is always changing not only academically but also in the field of technology. You only have to browse through the internet to witness the number of terms that pop up now and then just as fast as new products make an appearance on the market. Often times, many people are ignorant of their meaning and if they know the meaning, they easily interpret them the wrong way and end up buying the wrong product. At Serious Security, we try to stem this type of misunderstanding by offering simple explanations of some of the terms.

The ‘zoom’ term that confuses many

Ordinarily, people take the word ‘zoom’ as the ability to get closer to an object so you can have a more detailed look at its less discernible parts. Though this is a peculiar quality attached to many cameras these days, some can perform the function better that others depending on whether the ‘zoom’ is done by a digital agent or an optical one. The video camera lens also possesses this attribute and luckily for us, the lens are optically oriented so that images produced by these optical lenses are just the images we are looking for. Digital or optical is the difference to look out for.

The ‘zoom’ with the blurred image

If you were in an arts museum in Italy and were staring at a Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci, with camera in hand, you suddenly get the urge to take a photo of the painting. You do so at a distance and when you arrive home you ask a developer to blow up the image for you. You do get a blown up size but the details of the image and the image itself becomes blurred. This is known as a digital zoom and is exactly what you don’t want. You are determined to succeed in your venture and for the next time, you are going to perform a different approach

The ‘zoom’ with the clear details

When you do get your second shot at another try in the same country at the same museum with the same painting as the object, you try again but this time you decide not to use the camera but you move up very close to the painting to about say a foot away and Bingo! You can now  see the details with clarity and satisfaction. This is known as the optical zoom that can bring the painting close to you or take you close to the painting so you can see the details and this is the kind of ‘zoom’ you want.

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Budgeting For Security You Shouldn’t Save On


It Doesn’t Pay to Skimp Security

With business security, it is not a matter of counting the cash and deciding to use as little as possible on security systems. Rather it is a time for calculating the amount that will ensure the security of staff, assets and ultimately, profitability. Adopting this attitude this Christmas may well take the security of your business to ten years hence, but if you are on the stingy side, your business may take a beating from the clandestine doings of burglars. Christmas season is not only a time for spending on goods; it’s also a time to spend generously on the security of your business.

Review you security needs

A wise business owner will take the security of the business seriously and will conduct continual reviews of security needs over time. Such reviews will ensure that the system has been properly installed, that it’s operating efficiently and has been updated to allow the introduction of new inventions. At Serious Security we are enthusiastic supporters of continual monitoring and reviews of security competency by business owners that do not wish to lose their goods or valuables to marauding burglars.

Some security tips to ponder

If you adopt a serious outlook for the welfare of your business and everyone that works in it, the following security risks may just send the right message to you for doing what you need to do for the security of your business. Your business may be exposed to the following:

  • Armed robbery and burglary
  • Stealing of valuable items
  • Threats to the safety of your staff members
  • Unsafe workplace grounds that occasions accidents to staff and visitors.
  • Incidents of harassment and assaults
  • Use of drugs in the workplace during working hours
  • Serious theft of intellectual property
  • Acts of sabotage or espionage to your business
  • Disruptions to the operations of the business
  • Acts of blatant vandalism to your premises

The logical solution

If your business is exposed to several of the above risks, the only logical step to take for addressing them is by conducting a whole review of your whole business operation and attempt to address these shortcomings by introducing the most appropriate solutions to your situation. Always remember that Serious Security will be at hand to assist you in your efforts. Think about installing a CCTV security system with many security functions that are likely to address most of the problems itemized above. The more review you conduct and the more solutions you introduce to address your issues the better for your business.

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A reminder to Small Businesses That Crime Doesn’t Holiday


Any business premise left without any protection against unwanted intruders over an extended period of time is an invitation to be ransacked by burglars. It’s worthwhile noting that burglary is the most common form of thievery that plagues the small business sector and there’s no signs of easing off in the foreseeable future. At Serious Security, we are also concerned about this state of affairs and constantly urge our clients to pay special attention to the security of their business premises. A burglary incident can set you back thousands along the pain and anxiety of it all.

Checking premise security is indispensable

This Christmas season, accept the idea that while everyone will be out on a spending spree, burglars will likewise be on a thieving spree and it may be just likely that you will be their next victim. But don’t be unduly disturbed as there are ways of fortifying your defences and frustrate the efforts of burglars trying to steal your valuables. The most important aspect of your defence is in identifying all the weak security spots of your home which thieves also look for as their point of entry into your house. After identifying them you should them systematically address them one at time.

The perfect solutions to your security issues

Some of the most common solutions applied to thwart the efforts of burglars are:

  • Fitting deadbolt locks on each exterior door.
  • Receiving and overhead doors secured by strong padlocks
  • Placing of strong grills on windows that are covered with safety glass.
  • Making sure locks on every window are so placed they cannot be accessed and unlocked when the window is breached
  • Ensuring that all exterior entry points are suitably lighted up with the right fixtures that burglars can’t reach. Complementing these with sensor lighting can further deter unwanted intruders.
  • Changing keys after moving into a new house.

Never tempt burglars with your valuables

Some home owners can become so careless and lackadaisical about where they leave their valuables that they literally invite thieves into their house. Cash, valuables and all electronic gadgetry should be hidden from sight and you start making enquiries to experts at Serious Security about installing the most appropriate security system in your home.

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Home Invasions in Sydney


What are home invasions?

homeinvasion-2Home invasions in Sydney are a worrying trend. Just the other day an old man in Green Valley was robbed during a home invasion at knifepoint. Home invasion criminals work more often at night and on weekends when homes are more likely to be occupied. The home invader will sometimes target the resident as well as the dwelling. The selection process may include a woman living alone or an older person.

Some home invaders might have been in your home before as a delivery person, installer or repair vendor. Home robbers rarely work alone and rely on an overwhelming physical confrontation to gain initial control and instill fear in you.

What can you do to help prevent home invasions?

Remember these important security steps:

  • Install solid doors, heavy duty locks, and window security devices
  • Lock all doors, windows, and garages at all times
  • Use a video intercom system to see who is there before opening the door
  • Use your porch light to help you to see clearly outside
  • Use your CCTV system to see who is outside before going to the door
  • Set the home perimeter alarm at night, if you have one
  • Never open the door to strangers or solicitors, no matter how friendly they look
  • Call the police if the stranger acts suspicious
  • Set your alarm to go off if they are trying to break in
  • Do a quick look around before using your automatic garage and driving in
  • Hold a family meeting to discuss home security plans to ensure everyone knows what to do