The Community and Security Video Surveillance


Theft, vandalism, violent crimes and drug abuse are now all part and parcel of communal living especially in large cities like Sydney and at Serious Security we are constantly assailed with information about their occurrence and the damage they cause. These unattractive lifestyles impinge on the orderly functioning of communal interaction and cultural zones within the city meaning that as long as they occur society stands to lose out. It stands to reason then that in order for civil order to take shape, these traits must be controlled.

The magic of the CCTV camera system

Local governments are now waking up to the reality that bad things that happen to their citizens in their houses are also happening to people directly under council jurisdiction and protection. They have found that an increasing number of Australians, in particular, those living in Sydney are feeling safer from the installation of the CCTV camera security system. What is more poignant is the fact that more than half feel the CCTV security system offer an effective anti-crime deterrent. No doubt councils will put systems in place that will provide communal security at reasonable costs.

High definition cameras offer the best value

There are many types of CCTV solutions each with their own price tags and effectiveness. The high definition cameras are just about the best options available on the market and they possess certain features that definitely enhance security. They can optically zoom, tilt downwards and rotate a full 360 degrees thereby providing perfect coverage of activities that go on below it. Other features include the ability of being integrated into police alarm systems, Back to Base reporting systems and can be operated by remote control. We can assist in every single one of these configurations.

Place them in the right locations

Another key factor in installing the CCTV camera is to place them where they will prove most effective. By doing so, the cameras will play their security role to the full by being able to take clear video images of perpetrators and providing invaluable information to police that may wish to conduct an investigation into an alleged breach of security and the theft of valuable property. They should be placed where they can even reveal ‘blind-spots’ or see beyond obstructions so that the whole area in question is covered to the detriment of unwanted visitors.

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