The CCTV Security System in Schools


Subsequent to the series of security incidents that have occurred in schools, renewed interest in the CCTV security camera system has exploded to new heights. Schools do not offer much in the way of valuables that may entice burglars to pick on schools as prime targets and hence this is not an area that poses concern. Concern lies in the increasing rise of indecent assaults that are committed against students themselves as well as violence towards teachers in nearly all the schools across the nation. They have become areas that need to be addressed.

Demand for CCTV cameras

With the rise in assaults and violence in schools against students and teachers alike, the demand for CCTV security cameras has correspondingly soared. They are now deemed to become a permanent part of the school landscapes focusing mainly on playgrounds and campuses throughout Australia. More important has been the significant improvement in the level of violence and bullying problems that have plagued 25 high risk schools in the country. At Serious Security we are profoundly impressed by this trend and has given us all the more reason to forge ahead on security issues.

A proven panacea for school violence

A school can become a very harsh environment for some students and teachers. After all they are all too human and any impingement on their liberties and securities is likely to impact on the academic performance of students and the teaching capabilities of teachers. The success in the use of CCTV security cameras in Australian schools points to a way forward in addressing issues that are specific only to school environments and it also sends a signal to other countries that security problems confronting Australian schools can be successfully addressed by the application of CCTV cameras.

Precautionary security actions to take

  1. Identify potential trouble spots – these will include perimeters to buildings, car parks used by staff and areas where students usually congregate such as corridors, playgrounds, canteen areas, private study rooms and playing fields.
  2. Apply suitable solutions – some of the solutions will include placing CCTV video cameras for tackling violent and unsocial behaviour. Another possibility would be to involve virtual guard patrols on school grounds
  3. Correct placing of CCTV cameras – this will ensure the proper and effective functioning of the cameras in deterring violence and will also provide useful information for investigating the root causes of security incidents,

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