Every business owner needs to be able to control access to certain parts of the premises, whether that’s for keeping customers away from stock handling areas, or allowing trusted staff members into data management rooms. Whatever your need when you’re deciding who has access to the different parts of your premises, we have a solution that can handle it.

As simple or complicated as you want to get

If you’re just looking for a more secure door access with a keypad code that’s only known by a limited number of staff members, then we have a simple Micron access control product that will provide security and reassurance. Your Reception staff will be able to remotely open the door using our proxy entry option, thereby managing the entry of visitors, deliveries and casual staff as necessary. We provide everything you need right down to fitting the power supply and paying all the local taxes. We can install quickly and have your business access secure with the utmost ease and professionalism.

If you’re looking for a multiple-access system with a number of key fobs and a built-in alarm, then our Bosch system gives you everything you need. Being from Bosch, one of the world’s most trusted names in security, the alarm system with its internal and external sirens is guaranteed to add an excellent level of security to your premises. Along with that, you’ll get the remote gate access you want so that you can allow entry from inside, and you have the option to add key fobs as your company grows. This is a reliable and trusted system which is perfect for the smaller business and costs $2,640 fully fitted.

Access, and more

For our larger business customers, we provide the Vauban central access control system. This is a fully integrated visitor management system that will create individual access files for each employee, visitor or customer and can be configured to manage up to 840 doors if you need it. This system has the benefit not only of handling a large number of different access requirements, but can also be used to provide a better service for delivery drivers, customers and visitors using the time scheduling service. We know that when it comes to access, you need absolute reassurance that the system is foolproof and will be installed and maintained to the highest standards.

Whatever your business requirements, give us a call to discuss your options.