It’s likely that you need to make steps to secure your premises either to prevent theft or to restrict access. At Serious Security, we have a range of access control systems that will provide reassurance and protection for your people and your assets.

Simple, reliable, great value

If you are a smaller business such as a shop or restaurant, you probably just need to restrict access to a stockroom or staff area. We can provide a great solution for you from Micron from around 1.6k fully fitted, which will give you a keypad (fitted with power supply) and the option of access fobs for added security.

For an office, education or warehouse setting, you probably need restricted entry that can be managed by Reception or Security staff. For this, we provide the Bosch access control system, which allows for remote gate opening to admit visitors, staff and customers as needed. The real beauty of this system is that for around 2.5k fully fitted, you also have the benefit of a Bosch alarm, with internal and external sirens and three motion detector sensors (PIR).  You can customise the system if you need to, with additional fobs and multiple PIRs.

We can handle the complexity of your business

Here at Serious Security we protect some of the largest premises in the Sydney area, using the Vauban central access control system. Whatever the size of your business, this system offers access control for up to 840 doors. And we know size isn’t everything… this system is really clever, too! It can use your visitors’ details to schedule their access which makes your operation look so much smoother and more professional.

If you’re running a gym, you might want your clients to be able to book sessions online, and then be able to access the building at the right time. Then you can mine that data later, to look for trends and design custom programmes for an individual or tweak your schedule.

Maybe you have a fleet of delivery drivers? Booking in their jobs using the Vauban system means they don’t need to worry about access codes or fobs, and will have the access at the time they require.

This system is so useful that you can use it to schedule tradesmen, contractors and casual staff, to make access seamless. The opportunities are huge in terms of optimising processes, and analysing visitor behaviour data.

Whatever your business requirements, give us a call to discuss your options.