Freight / Delivery Services

In situations where delivery trucks are required to enter a controlled gate, the Data Sync Service can be used to automate temporary visitor access for truck and courier drivers. Drivers won’t have access cards, so the service is used to take the booked jobs from the database to create users with PINs that match the job number. Access levels are assigned with an expiry date that matches the expected time on site.

How it works:

User details are extracted from the third party system via the systems reporting function and saved to a network folder. The Data Sync Service picks this file up automatically, and imports the user data into ProtegeGX, creating user records and linking access levels with the matched entity between the systems. Multiple entries and groups are supported.

User events are exported from ProtegeGX and the information is sent to the third party system allowing the facility to keep accurate records of activity. This can be used to decrement access counts, tally usage and perform a statistical usage analysis.

Event data can be used to generate reports either from the third party system, or using the ProtegeGX reporting engine, and emailed to the relevant stakeholders.