Safety in your garage or parking lot


A Dangerous Place to be Alone

Some of us have seen films of lonely indoor parking lots where a woman or man are accosted and robbed in these dangerous places. The films actually portray what actually happens and never fool yourself that it won’t happen to you especially this Christmas when the bad elements are in their elements. There is very little you can do if you are attacked with a gun or sharp instrument but there are ways of mitigating the incidence and severity of these attacks by thieves and their compatriots. You must first realize that the indoor parking area is a dangerous place to be anytime!

Know the interior car park intimately

Make a habit of studying the interior of the car park so you know where everything is located. Know where you may hide when under pressure and not be seen. Be familiar with where the security cameras are placed as your incident may mean life and death to you. Never take your safety lightly and always remember you can augment your personal security by forming alliances with people in the block, with a co-worker for setting up some kind of signal code that only you and he/she knows. Build a bond with the security guard to enhance your safety and security.

Never show your weakness

Perhaps you cannot avoid using you cell phone so often but it is this kind of habit that burglars look for in their victims. They know that the minute you pick up the phone and answer it, your focus is on the incoming message and lose control of your situation. These are times when you are most vulnerable and burglars and assailants can launch their sudden attack. And who’s to interfere? It is late at night, no one is in sight and your car is a good 30 meters away along the indoor car park way. When you take a call go near a security camera and never take your eyes away from your environment.

Look for the bright side

When you are on your way to your car after work late at night as usual, don’ lose focus but immediately become alert and swerve towards the brighter side of the car parking area and never lose where the security cameras are. If an incident occurs near the elevator, remember it has a security camera so do your best to lure your assailant to the camera so their picture can be taken that can be used for follow up action on the suspects. It is very important for your security and safety never to lose focus while on the move. You can relax once you get home!

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