Digital Vs Optical Zooms for CCTVs


A Plethora of New Tech Terms

Language is something that is always changing not only academically but also in the field of technology. You only have to browse through the internet to witness the number of terms that pop up now and then just as fast as new products make an appearance on the market. Often times, many people are ignorant of their meaning and if they know the meaning, they easily interpret them the wrong way and end up buying the wrong product. At Serious Security, we try to stem this type of misunderstanding by offering simple explanations of some of the terms.

The ‘zoom’ term that confuses many

Ordinarily, people take the word ‘zoom’ as the ability to get closer to an object so you can have a more detailed look at its less discernible parts. Though this is a peculiar quality attached to many cameras these days, some can perform the function better that others depending on whether the ‘zoom’ is done by a digital agent or an optical one. The video camera lens also possesses this attribute and luckily for us, the lens are optically oriented so that images produced by these optical lenses are just the images we are looking for. Digital or optical is the difference to look out for.

The ‘zoom’ with the blurred image

If you were in an arts museum in Italy and were staring at a Mona Lisa painting by Leonardo da Vinci, with camera in hand, you suddenly get the urge to take a photo of the painting. You do so at a distance and when you arrive home you ask a developer to blow up the image for you. You do get a blown up size but the details of the image and the image itself becomes blurred. This is known as a digital zoom and is exactly what you don’t want. You are determined to succeed in your venture and for the next time, you are going to perform a different approach

The ‘zoom’ with the clear details

When you do get your second shot at another try in the same country at the same museum with the same painting as the object, you try again but this time you decide not to use the camera but you move up very close to the painting to about say a foot away and Bingo! You can now  see the details with clarity and satisfaction. This is known as the optical zoom that can bring the painting close to you or take you close to the painting so you can see the details and this is the kind of ‘zoom’ you want.

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