Deterring Violence at Home with Alarms & CCTVs


Many types of violence can occur in the home but at Serious Security in Sydney, we mainly focus our attention on burglar related scenarios. Violence may be induced by misunderstandings and quarrels between family members, people partying, people who dislike one another or even jealousies. But at least, these types of violence aren’t clandestine in nature and can be easily handled by individuals themselves. On the other hand, violence induced by burglars is the most pernicious and you need to be well prepared for them.

Don’t make easy for them

The surest way to foil breaking in attempts by burglars is to carefully think out tactics in not letting burglars into you premises. Make sure the fence around the house is secure. If you have no fence around you house, you need to strengthen the second line of defence – the entry points. These are always susceptible to break-ins but even after securing the entry points, you home may still succumb to burglar activity. Of course you can install a CCTV surveillance system but there are other equally effective methods for a counter-attack.

Don’t panic, just use the panic button 

What is it? Simply put in terms of domestic, office or business premise situations, it’s an electronic device designed precisely to alert someone in an emergency situation that involves a threat to person or property. In most cases such as in your home, a panic button can be connected to a monitoring centre or centralized control panel or a silent alarm or loud bell or siren. Whatever the panic button is connected to, it can be a very effective means of guarding you home against burglars. At Serious Security we can even customize the use of panic buttons to suit your specific needs.

Sending signal while undetected

If you need a stealthier method for guarding you house, we also have an amazing array of alarm systems and accessories that can also foil burglar attempts on your home. The most effective of these are our hidden panic or holdup buttons that can be built into the wall of your house, office or retail store. One very special feature of our hidden panic buttons is they can be connected to any type of alarm system that can immediately sent an alert to guards, police and even to a person you have appointed for monitoring the security of your home.

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How CCTV Systems Can Deter Stalkers


Many men and women and even teenage girls will attest to the prevalence of stalkers and there stealthy activities especially at night. These frightening experiences occur often around the metro and suburbia of Sydney.  As providers of top quality security systems in both areas, Serious Security has noted these alarming occurrences and strives to address them with its CCTV camera systems so that residents are fully protected in their homes, offices and business premises.

Popular haunts for stalkers

Lights and the presence of many people are a curse to stalkers so they frequent areas that are dimly lit and not frequented by a lot of people like interior parking lots. If you have to negotiate isolated areas, the first obvious step is to avoid these desolate and dark places. If you are unable to do so, the next best alternative is to always carry your mobile phone that is connected to an alarm system at home. Serious Security can help you do this and make your journey from the workplace to your house or flats safe and harassment free.

Reaching your peaceful haven – home

If you have experienced the unsettling moments of being followed by a stalker, you would have also felt the dissipation of fear, anxiety and the flow of relief and feeling of safety when you reach your home. Unfortunately, the determination of some stalkers does not end at the gate. Some do forge ahead and have known to break in and enter houses, steal valuables and disappear without trace. Be proactive and install a CCTV camera system, the iconic and very hard to beat modern day security system. Of course you don’t know how to, so let us do it for you and give you peace of mind.

We have the professionals to do the job

The installation of an effective CCTV surveillance system is not an easy task to do. It requires the assistance of professionals that are fully trained in the art of selecting and installing the ideal security system for you needs. They will visit and appraise your premises and can immediately come up with just the right type of configured system that will effectively protect you home from any inquisitive stalker. They are fully trained and qualified to know how many cameras your particular situation needs; they know where the cameras will be deployed; they can tell you what other systems can be connected for greater efficiency and deployment. They know it all!

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Vandalism & How You Can Deter It


In the areas around metro and suburbia Sydney, the occurrence of vandalism is rife and many offices, shops and homes are vandalized. These irresponsible, costly  and of course illegal acts of violence are the hobbies of mindless, wandering vagrant teenagers who have nothing better to do than to cause damage to property in the Sydney neighbourhoods. At Serious Security we are at the vanguard of efforts in minimizing the effects of vandalism on residents whether they are done to homes, institutions, or businesses.

Cooperating to confront the menace

Vandalism requires the cooperation of many agencies that pool together the assistance of many arms that include government, council and responsible residents. Serious Security keeps a watchful eye on these developments so it can make moves that are based on accurate data about the incidence and other related information on vandalism. Our current strategy is to be proactive in configuring CCTV systems that are suitable for the different types of vandalism that occur in the metro and suburbia areas.

More focus on home security

While we regard as eliciting information and the support of local authorities is important, we consider installing security systems in the home just as equally important if not more important. There is no other more effective system than the CCTV surveillance system and its selection and installation is a must for every home, office and business premise:

  • The home – the most important haven of all and one that deserve the best security system to protect on the outside as well as on the inside. One impact that a CCTV system can have on potential vandals is the presence of its cameras. No vandal will go near a house that has a CCTV system installed. Risking several years in prison or a correction centre is no option.
  • The office – the most important place for earning your livelihood along with the family if you have one. What would vandals want at the office? Plenty! From the fence, the windows, the car park. Vandals will take away anything they can carry and damage those they are unable to. Doing so without being spotted is a cinch but install a CCTV camera to scan the whole front, side or back and vandals will not dare do anything to your workplace.
  • The business premise – the most important earning premises for you and your family if you opt to go into business instead of office work. There is no better target for a vandal than a shop located in a dark isolated area of a neighbourhood or street. These are situations that need proper security systems or relocation to well-lit areas not frequented by vandals. We can help you with your security issues.

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Deterring Suspicious Activity Around Your Home


In a city as big as Sydney, there’s bound to be some activity that arouses suspicion to residents but in many cases, they find themselves unable to respond to these suspicious events. At Serious Security in the city, we are intimately familiar with these activities and the inability of some residents to deal with them. The main outlook that we popularize is not to focus too much on the suspicious activity but to concentrate on shoring up their houses to make them secure and safe. Nevertheless we do advise them to use their own discretion in dealing with different situations.

The different types of suspicious activities

  • A suspicious activity at my neighbour’s house – you see that some people are carousing outside your neighbour’s house and causing a ruckus. Let your neighbour handle it.
  • Suspicious activity at the neighbour’s house – you’ve seen a man standing outside your neighbour’s fence for a whole week and you know it’s not natural. Same thing.
  • A black sedan outside my house – you notice that the car was parked in the same place at the same time for three nights running. You are not expecting any visitors or friends to visit you. Call the police immediately and follow up when needed.
  • Anything suspicious outside your home – report all of them immediately to the police but never forget that if they have ulterior motives, it’s usually related to a breaking in.

What to worry about

The most important thing to worry about is that your home is safe and secure by having technical devices at your disposal that you can use to consolidate the safety of your house in relation to suspicious activities. The two main ones are:

  • A CCTV surveillance system – this is a must have tech device for the overall security of you home. Its versatility is unmatched and we supply the latest version of the cameras so shore up the security defences of your house. It is dependable, efficient and easy to install by professionals skilled in configuring and installing the system.
  • Window security films – the windows of the house were regarded by many as perhaps the most vulnerable part of your home, but no more. Security window films have now been introduced to boost home security. The technique involves the installing of special made windows that resist impacts that can shatter glass. A method you should definitely use.

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Protection against Burglaries and Break & Enters


There is no more disturbing moment in the lives of law abiding citizens than to have their homes subjected to breaking in and entering or worse, to have their priceless valuables burglarized and carried away in the twinkling of an eye. At Serious Security in Sydney, we are equally traumatized by these reckless and pitiless acts and are constantly upgrading the quality of security systems that we make available to residents in the Sydney metropolitan area and beyond. Burglary has become part of Sydney life and top quality security systems are the most effective ways of combating them.

The encompassing approach

The most effective security for any house is a multifaceted approach to the problem and at Serious Security in Sydney, this is the golden rule. We take the view that security begins from the outermost perimeter of the home right into the interior reaches of the house itself.

  • The fence – this is often viewed as the first line of defence for any home on which a burglar, thief or vandal will focus attention. The fence should be embedded firmly into the ground with or without a concrete foundation. It should be completely covered with not points of weaknesses or openings. If this is not the case, it should be attended to and rectified.
  • The grounds – grounds around a house may look safe enough but to a seasoned thief, there are tell-tale signs that can be used to advantage. Trees along the fence, along sides and front of the house, close to windows are all potential aids for hiding and entry. Trees must either be removed or cut to deprive thieves of potential hiding places.
  • Lighting – the grounds surrounding the house should be well lit with dark parts suitably illuminated to detect any signs of movements.
  • Doors – these must be very sturdy with strong latches and locking devices to prevent forceful entry.
  • Windows – strong locks need to be fixed to the windows to prevent easy access. Reinforced glass should be used on all windows to prevent forceful entry into the house.

Selecting and installing a suitable security system

After taking care of all the non-tech security measures, we always advise customers to carefully select and install a CCTV security system in their house premises. Some opt to install wired or wireless alarm systems but the most careful house owners always choose the CCTV security system for its versatility, dependability and centralized monitoring capability. At Serious Security we always provide the latest version of CCTV security cameras and continue to upgrade and improve our configuring to counter any moves that burglars are like to make in the future.

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