Serious Security 316 Stainless Steel Screen Door Solution. We offer free-measure-to-fit service and quick manufacturing turnaround to get your door installed as quickly as possible. We ensure all doors fitted are tough against offenders and intruders.


Security Screen Doors are a no-brainer and must-have addition to any security solution. All our doors are manufactured and made in Australia, meeting and exceeding Australian security standards.

Mesh Up Close:

316 stainless steel mesh – only available in Black.

Free Measure & Quote

All security door frames and mesh are manufactured to fit perfectly within your current structure

7 Years Colorbond Frame Warranty and 10 Years Security Mesh Warranty

Our lengthy warranties guarantees your door is built to last.

Reliable Security Licensed Team

Get warranty, peace of mind and professional installation from a licensed specialist security company.

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316 Stainless Steel Mesh – Security Screen Door

Free Triple Lock System, Free Bug Flap, Free Door Closer, Free Measure-To-Fit

10 year mesh warranty & 7 year frame warranty

Using the industry’s strongest high tensile strength steel mesh to secure your front door. Plenty of door frame colours to suit your facade. Feel secure when communicating to strangers behind a steel locked door.

Package Snapshot:

From $987 per door installed incl gst.

1 x 316 marine grade steel mesh security door (within standard door size 2100mm x 850mm)

– custom powder coated colorbond colour options

– free measure-to-fit onsite (standard height is 2.1m. For taller doors, please see additional extras below)

– free triple lock system

– free bug seal flap

– free door closer

– 10 year steel mesh warranty with 7 year frame warranty

Available Extra Options:


Add On Extra Options Add On Extra Options
+265 For Western Red Cedar – natural timber colorbond finish (most popular)  FREE  Triple Lock System (3-point lock)
Free Door Closer FREE  Bug Strip / Flap to prevent outdoor bugs entering
+165 Small Pet Door 190 x 240 + 200 Medium Pet Door 225 x 305
+260 Large Pet Door 260 x 400

Know the measurements for your door? Get an instant quote below:


Size Hinged or Sliding Door Price (2100mm high) Upgrade to 2400mm high doors
0mm-855mm wide $ 987 installed incl. GST per door +$150 per door
855mm – 1000mm wide $1087 installed incl. GST per door +$176 per door
1001mm – 1300mm wide $1217 installed incl. GST per door +$215 per door
1300mm – 1600mm wide $1412 installed incl. GST per door +$215 per door


All hinged doors are fitted with a triple lock, bug seal and door closer

All sliding doors are fitted with a single lock

All doors meet Australian security door standards and will be installed by security licensed personnel only. 

Note – all pricing on website may be subject to change after an on-site inspection (to confirm exact measurements). These prices presented are for customers within the Sydney Metro areas only. If the size of your door are larger than the standard door sizes presented on the page, we will provide a custom quote to accommodate for the extra size. To go ahead with all booked installs, a 30% deposit will be required before construction of your door will commence. Remaining balance to be settled after installation. We endeavour to have all doors installed to the agreed date and time booked with our specialist. However, please be advised that delays in installations may occur in the event of uncontrollable phenomenon such as rainy weather. We will rebook with the customer for the next best date to complete the installation. HOW TO MEASURE YOUR DOOR

Why Use 316 Stainless Steel Mesh for your Security Door

316 is one of the highest and strongest grades given to evaluate the corrosion resistance for any stainless steel material. In comparison to it’s relative 304, the chemical composition in 316 stainless steel allows it to be a corrosion resistant steel while also having excellent strength, toughness, fabrication characteristics and weldability.

At Serious Security, we guarantee that we only use 316 Marine Graded  Steel for your security door, ensuring that the door we install will withstand against break ins and forceful entry when locked. Our 316 Stainless Steel Mesh Security door offer both the comfort of unobstructed views between the inside and outside of your property, with the added peace of mind that your door has been tested against knife shear test, anti-jemmy test, impact test, pull test and salt corrosion.

Types of Doors:


French Doors

Sliding Doors



Colour Options

Note the mesh (stainless steel or restricted view) is only available in black

Your security screen door system will require regular maintenance to remove contaminants caused by air pollution, industrial pollution, salt and varying climatic conditions. As part of your warranty, you will be required to maintain a cleaning schedule to ensure your door is prevented from corrosive activity that is beyond our control. While we use the highest quality materials to ensure your security door will withstand and last through the toughest conditions, there are small factors that we cannot control if you live in certain areas that have a high volume of industrial pollution or salt in the air.

The following table indicates the suggested frequency of maintenance:

How to clean:

You can simply use a soft bristled brush or non-abrasive cloth mixed in with warm water and a neutral detergent to gently wipe your screen doors. Then rinse with off water. Abrasive cleaners and harsh detergents are not recommended as these can scratch or damage the surface area.

Alternatively, you may wish to purchase Powawash bottle in place of warm water and detergent to ensure that your screen is maintained effectively against abrasions and comply with the 10 year screenguard warranty.

What you will need:

A measuring tape!

How to Measure:

This is what your door looks like:

This is where you should measure:

You should measure within the door frame’s casing that you want your security screen door to fit into. On most frame casings, you will notice an extra border that sits just in front of the main door’s casing. Our doors are all about 20mm thick. This extra casing border is required to fit our doors.


Two ways to measure your door:

Simply measure your existing screen door if you have one: If you are happy with the current sizing and the way your existing door fits, and you’re simply looking to upgrade to a strong security door, you can simply send us the measurements of your existing door.

Door Height: Measure from top to bottom of the screen door on both the left and right hand sides; send us the shortest of the two measurements.

Door Widths: Measure the top and bottom widths of the screen door; send us both measurements.


If your measuring for a new screen door:

Door Height: Measure from top to bottom of the screen door on both the left and right hand sides; send us the shortest of the two measurements.

Door Widths: Measure the top and bottom widths of the screen door; send us both measurements.

If you’re unsure, that’s okay! We will be visiting you onsite to re-measure more accurately before placing your order. This is to simply allow you to get a quote over the phone and book an install immediately.

Why Sydney Customers Choose Us For All Their Security Needs

bulletGreat products – All of the products we use are ISO 9001 Certified backed with minimum 12 months manufacturers warranty. Most of our systems have a 2 year warranty with extended warranty available.

bulletSolution driven – We stock a wide range of high quality Alarm and CCTV security products and solutions. We will likely be recommending to you a solution that fits your budget and needs – not one that increases our bottom line. We provide all potential clients with honest feedback and home security appraisals as to the current level of protection in place at their property, and what security system products will best assist them.

bulletStrong Customer Service – We are a customer centric company. We believe in customer service – from the moment we pick up the phone to the minute you have a question once your alarm is installed. Our home security experts are always timely, professional and easy to deal with.

bulletWe believe in Education – we regularly run training sessions to ensure our staff are kept up to date with new technology solutions and changes in the environment.

Guarantee #1 A licensed and experienced technician will be the one installing / servicing your system.

Guarantee #2 Provide courteous and professional service from our trained and qualified personnel at all times. Provide an honest, efficient service

Guarantee #3 All our alarm systems come with 24 month parts & Labour Warranty. Bosch has 24 month parts and labour warranty, CCTV systems (unbranded and Hikvision) come with a 24 month parts and labour warranty. Hard Drives have 1 year warranty.

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