Our hidden PIR cams are designed to blend naturally in your home environment.

Whether you are looking for hidden video surveillance to monitor your family or protect assets within your home office, we have a covert security camera to meet your needs. There are several names for these discreet cameras – spy cams, nanny cams, pinhole cameras.


People install hidden cameras at home to:

  • keep an eye on the nanny while you’re not at home
  • keep an eye on the elderly
  • keep tabs on your pets while you’re away
  • collect evidence of unsavoury activity

Stories where hidden cameras have been useful:


2 x 2.1 megapixel Full High Definition IP network IR dome night & day Camera (EXTERNAL)
2 x 1 megapixel Hidden PIR cameras
1 X 4 Channel NVR with 4 port POE switch
1 x 1TB WD AV hard disk drive
1 x 22’ LCD monitor
Remote viewing iphone, internet, android phone

TOTAL – 2300 Fully Installed. Or 2550 for a double storey.
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