USES of a CCTV Camera


The main purpose of a CCTV camera is to serve as a security measure used for preventing crime. However, there are different ways how it can achieve this. A CCTVcamera can also perform different functions and roles. In this article, we will look into a few of those different uses of a CCTV camera. You might be surprised as you will realize how much you can do with it.

Detecting Fires

A fire alarm, of course, is your main defense against fires. However, a CCTV camera can be effective as well. It can actually, in some cases, detect it earlier.

Keeping Your Staff Safe

A CCTV camera can protect your staff in several ways. For one, it can physically protect them against violence from customers. It can also protect them against false accusations coming from colleagues, or even from customers or clients. For instance, if a customers claims that a staff member has sold them something faulty or defective, you will be able to find out if it actually happened.

Identifying Theft

Thieves are not always strangers or outsiders.  Unfortunately, most stealing incidents are done by staff members. By using a CCTV, you can prevent this from happening.

Spotting Vandalism

A CCTV surveillance camera allows you to monitor your property when you are not around. It can spot vandals scribbling on your walls or breaking your glass windows.

Noticing Accidents

It is useful to have a CCTV in case a staff member or a customer falls over. This would help you send someone over quickly to take care of any injury, and at the same time prevent a scandal in the workplace.

Deterring Crime

CCTV enables you to capture criminals. It can even prevent crime before it happens by acting as a threat to catch criminal offendersshould they commit any illicit activity.