One important hallmark of a security provider is the range of systems, devices and gadgets it has ins store for its customers. Being exceptionally serious about every aspect of security, Serious Security in Sydney keeps stock of every conceivable gadget that forms part of a security package for the home. Amongst these systems and devices is the video intercom system that we also make available to our customers.  The system allows the user to communicate with visitors and speak with family members around the house.

Different types of intercom systems

At Serious Security in Sydney we provide many different types of intercom systems each with a specific functional purpose. Our systems are all reasonably priced and are all dependable in providing effective security for your house. The intercom system can act as an efficient access control system that can prevent unwanted visitors to enter your home or immediately invites known guests to enter. Some offer an effective communicating tool with family members who are up an about, with children somewhere in the house or with a sick member in a room.

An Intercom system with added punch

One very special addition to our arsenal of intercom systems is the video intercom system. The system can be used as a normal 2-way communicating system but packs a wallop with the addition of a video device that allows the user to view a visitor or anyone who wishes to gain entry into the house. In the home, an unwanted visitor will simply be left out in the lurch until they depart. For a visitor to a security apartment, the front entrance will simply not be opened for any unwanted visitor to enter.

The wireless revolution

The traditional method of operating most security gadgets in the past was by connecting them to other devices by wire. This necessitated some knowledge of how to put a system together and install it in a home. With the introduction of the wireless system, it has now been possible to position cameras and carry on conversation from anywhere to anywhere in the house. A mother can communicate with her children dispersed anywhere in the house. A sleeping baby can be monitored from practically anywhere and a sick member can also be periodically checked from anywhere at any time.

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