Nothing is more depressing than having your valuables stolen from you right under the security of your home. Your house/apartment should provide you with an ample peace of mind by providing you security when you are home at night and keeping your valuables safe when you are out. With the increasingly reported cases of theft, it might be wise to invest in a home security system for an added security.


A security system is a series or group of devices, either wired or wireless, working together to provide additional security. This group of devices are all controlled with a central control panel to maximize its uses and give the user an ease of access.

A typical home security system includes:

  • The control panel
  • Sensors: Door, Window, Perimeter, Motion
  • Alarm system
  • Surveillance cameras
  • Shatter proof glass security film
  • Video intercoms


Take note that both wired and wireless systems can be installed as DIY or by a professional security company such as Serious Security. More often than not, it is recommended that you hire the services of a professional security company for installation because installing alarms and sensors can be a bit of a hassle if you DIY.

Wired and wireless security systems are both effective when it comes to the security provided and each come with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • Advantages and disadvantages of a wired system
    • Advantages:
    • The devices can be installed almost anywhere within your property, given that sufficient and effective wiring is done to route a connection back to the control panel.
    • Wired systems are less vulnerable to hacking and completely safe to radio interference.
    • Directly connected to a power source, which means that you won’t encounter any blank logs due to the depletion of battery.
    • Disadvantages:
    • Installation can come as a really tough and stressful job.
    • Unless you planned ahead or are you willing to renovate walls and ceilings, it may be impossible to hide the wiring of the system.
    • Must connect a battery for electrical interruptions to be always protected.
  • Advantages and disadvantages of a wireless system
    • Advantages:
    • Due to the wireless capability, for buildings and rooms that are already built, it is much better to have this system installed.
    • Since wireless devices packs their own battery, they can be installed in places where wiring is almost impossible to achieve
    • Disadvantages:
    • Wireless systems rely on radio signals to transmit data, so they can only be installed within a certain radius away from the central control panel.
    • Radio signals are vulnerable to interference from other devices if the same frequency is used.
    • Because it operates on battery alone, you must make it a habit to constantly monitor the battery levels of these devices to prevent power outage.


Since having a security system right now is becoming an essence for homeowners, a lot of installers are jumping in on the wagon hoping to get a good deal. Although it is still entirely up to you if you would trust new installers but it is highly recommended that you choose a good installer, one of which is Serious Security. The safest choice you could probably make right now is to find an installer that offers a complete package. This only means that your installer would also be the one to sell you the devices. This will not only save you from future warranty problems but also give you free consultancy on what devices are needed for your home.

One thing to also note about installation is if you are having a wired system installed, it is wise to choose an experienced installer as a new one would run risks of doing a sloppy job. On an aesthetically perspective, it will be a make or break situation because wired systems requires holes to be drilled into your walls.

Given all that, to know if a security installation company is reliable, you would have to do your own research. To save you your time, we recommend Serious Security as they have worked with different establishments already and have built a solid reputation here in Australia.