Time and Money are Key Factors

At Serious Security in Sydney we are very conscious of the need to factor in time and money when you are choosing your alarm system. With the level of technological efficiency these days, there is very little discrepancy between a hard wired alarm system and a wireless system. This often makes it a daunting experience for home houses when making the best choice for they homes. What would be the benefits and disadvantages of a wired system when set against a wireless system?

Time is of the essence

Obviously if time is of importance to your then you’d choose a system that conserves time both in terms of maintenance work, procuring needed spare parts, commuting between our store shelves and your home and between home and work. Another factor that can compound all this running around is that it takes longer to install a wired alarm system than it is to install a wireless system. Time matters and your first choice of an alarm system can mean more or less stress for you so obviously then your first choice needs to be the right one.

Money is also extremely important

There is little doubt that the components of your alarm system whatever especially for the wireless type systems are usually expensive and therefore choosing the right system the very first time is of critical importance. Choosing the right alarm system whether wired or wireless can mean the difference between a low or high outlay of expenditure due to the high prices of their components. Maintenance costs can also be a determining factor when comparing the two types of alarm systems. At Serious Security we know that wireless systems generally need more maintenance like replacing the batteries after several years. Wired systems generally do not need maintenance.

Changing needs for changing times

Changes occur over time and adaptations need to be made to adjust to changing needs. You may decide to introduce a facelift to your whole house by changing the complete paint works, the floors, tiles and furniture. As part of the exercise you may also want to completely upgrade your security alarm system. You may decide to add movement detectors or other safety devices like the CCTV system to your existing alarm system. If you had discussed this aspect with us before you actually make your choice of alarm systems, we would tell you that installing a wireless system would be the best choice as it has the capability of adapting to these additions.

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