We can better determine what an IP CCTV camera is by comparing it with another type of camera – the analogue CCTV system. We can do this effectively by looking at the areas of flexibility, performance, installation, integration and value. In terms of flexibility the IP CCTV system can record and transmit images across networks on the internet where the images or information can be recorded, organized and viewed by users. An analogue camera can only record events at a single premise so for more than one site, an extra recorder would be needed.

IP CCTV performs better than analogue

Both systems are essentially closed circuits but with IP images are converted to data and resolution is unlimited whereas for analogue resolution is limited which means the production of lesser coverage for the size of a specific area. IP also offers more detail and precision with 3 times better resolution than that offered by analogue. The number of analogue cameras needed to capture a large area means that costs are high and the aesthetics of buildings can become distorted. This doesn’t happen with an IP camera which can produce high quality images at a low price.

Installation and integration work better for IP CCTV

Wiring up an IP Camera is much simpler hence less interruptions and time wastage. Even setting up an IP networking system is easier and viewing is generally easier. For analogue, every camera has to be connected to the DVR Or monitor with each camera connected to a power source. The whole IP CCTV system can co-exist with each other on the same network without encroaching on one another. For an Analogue CCTV system, there is very little integration with other components of the same system like access control or alarms.

What about value?

IP Cameras currently cost a little more than analog systems.

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