It’s never pleasant to feel unsettled in your own home. Maybe you’re disturbed by nuisance callers, concerned about burglars, or you have the misfortune to have personal problems with an individual under a restraining order. Take control of the situation – you don’t have to put up with this! We offer a fantastic quality CCTV system which can be fitted and installed easily and quickly, within hours if you need it. We make it easy for you to take back the power to feel comfortable and secure in your environment.

Stop them in their tracks

The great thing about installing a CCTV system to protect your home is that you have a fantastic defence, should anyone attempt to break in or prove a nuisance. In many cases, the criminal on seeing the CCTV system will turn around and walk away for fear of being caught on camera. Essentially, you have the power to stop a burglary from happening: and if that isn’t possible you have your criminal caught in the act, for the police to use in their prosecution.

Feel safe away from home

One of the difficult things about having a job or a lifestyle that has you traveling away from the Sydney area on a regular basis is walking away from your home and knowing that no-one will be home, or that your family are unprotected. If you take the decision to install one of our excellent CCTV systems, you will be able to check online from your laptop or your phone that your property and every precious thing inside is safe and sound. That’s how our systems work as standard – a constant recording is made available for you to access, and you can even choose how much storage you want to purchase so that you can keep video footage for longer.

We’re the Sydney area experts

We know what works when it comes to CCTV, and we have the experience to select only the best, most reliable systems. The packages we can provide vary depending on how many cameras you need and what resolution you want – all are high-resolution quality images providing real-time data to your laptop or phone (iPhone or Android). And should you want to combine a CCTV with one of our home alarm systems, we can quote and install alongside your CCTV to ensure you have maximum security for your home.

Apply online for a custom quote and take back control of your security.