Golmar Sistemas de Comunicaci S.A. was set up in 1954, and one year later it manufactured its first intercom.

The first door intercom was developed in 1958, followed some years later by the video door intercom, which is nowadays the most important product. More recently, based on its wide commercial network within Spain, it has expanded to the imports and sales of closed circuit TV and public address systems.

The company currently employs 130 people, 45 of whom perform commercial and technical advice activities in the company’s eleven regional offices, which are equipped with show rooms in the main Spanish cities. This staff, along with a valuable network of representatives, promotes and guarantees an optimum level of customer service.

Sample Golmar Intercoms


10 push buttons Rock Inox panel for IP systems

  • 10 push buttons Rock Inox panel for IP systems only.
  • Large size. 155(W) x 428(H) mm
  • CE-7603 embedding box is required.
  • Panels to be used with E100 IP camera.speech module.
  • Other push button configurations can be reached by using NEXA INOX modular panel
  • The main mechanical features of these VR push button
    panels are:

1) Front of 2.5mm thick manufactured on ANSI 316 stainless steel with treatment to avoid fingerprint spots.
2) 5mm thick polycarbonate card holders and camera window with steady illumination through blue leds.
3) Mettalic embedding box (not included) with theft protect stoppers.


7” Color Video Monitor

Hands Free Video Monitor for IP systems only.It also includes monitor connector.

Features of M700 series monitors with “iPlus” digital INSTALLATION are

  • Casin manuaftured in ABS RAL9005 black colour.
  • Anodized aluminium sides.
  • Capacitive touch screen with intuitive graphic interface.
  • Full duplex audio communication with echo cancelling processor.
  • Panel monitoring with call back function.
  • Video/ picture memory of missed calls, with time and date stamp.
  • Possibility of voluntary recording during call reception or conversation.
  • Files can be retrieved from admin console SOFTWARE when permission from the apartment.
  • Intercommunication between all/SELECTED apartment units.
  • Connection to unlimited concierge units with panic call facility.
  • Messenger service from any COMPUTER.
  • Programmable input for door bell apartment push button or alarm connection.
  • Output connection for call repeater.
  • Fully compatible with M300 and A500 units.
  • Severless System: does not require a computer connected on the network.
  • Supports Class A, ClassB and Class C ETHERNET NETWORKS.
  • Easily upgradeable firmware, being possible to add new or under request features over already INSTALLED systems.
  • Apartment units are to be connected to a PoE switch output or to a PoE injector.