There are so many types of CCTV security systems on the market, choosing the right one can be a very complex task. All the more reason why you should enlist our expertise and letting us assist you in identifying and installing the perfect system for you. After installing your system we can help you understand the most effective way you can use your system for protecting your retail business. Our experts are thoroughly trained and skilled in installing CCTV systems and in training users how they can maximize the use of their systems.

A very efficient system

At Serious Security in Sydney, we are aware that CCTV surveillance systems have been used for many years and they come in all shapes and sizes. The CCTV systems makes available to businesses the security they need to foster the secure operation of their businesses for their employees and their assets.  The main problem facing businesses with their CCTV systems is how they can maximize the efficient use of their systems. By maximizing the use of their systems, businesses can reap the rewards of lower pilfering and higher profit margins.

Sweeping cameras over grounds and buildings

It is not difficult to visualize and mentally envision the type of CCTV system that a business premise requires. At Serious Security we have an array of differently configured systems. These configurations are assembled from the 3 main components of the CCTV security system of cameras, recording devices and monitoring equipment. We can configure all these components to suit a specific security scenario and we make sure that the configured system will effectively address the security risk involved. No other security service provider can accomplish this task.

Specially customized systems 

In some cases, business owners prefer to have their CCTV security systems specially made so they can effectively address their security issues. At Serious Security in Sydney we view the defining of your security problem against the backdrop of your own premise as being paramount. The main entrance and hallways, every blind spot and every entry point should be listed. Your loading docks and supply storage rooms are critically important areas to secure. The exit areas used during emergencies should also be monitored.

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The security of your business premises depends on the effective placement of CCTV cameras throughout your building. We can assist you in effectively placing your surveillance system in place. Ring us now on XXX for a free quote.