For the security of your business, Serious Security in Sydney can provide you with the best and most popular security system there is on the market. A new and versatile addition to our security arsenal is the CCTV surveillance system. A system so versatile and reliable, it has been responsible for a marked change in burglary activities in the central and outlaying suburbs of Sydney. Even police are breathing easier and the good news is that prices are slumping making it possible for average families to buy this incredibly effective system.

You must choose the right system

The fact that the CCTV system is available on our shelves doesn’t mean that you can just walk into our large retail centre and purchase any CCTV system that comes across you view. This would be a bad mistake on your part as CCTV systems are complicated and there are special systems for specific security situations. You definitely need one of our experts to guide and inform you of what we can offer you. They will help you identify and select the right configured CCTV system for your needs. Talk to them and ask them questions.

The appropriate gambit to use

Your security needs will definitely be different from other business owners simply because your building and surrounding grounds are different. For these reasons, you must come up with a different kind of approach and strategy to address your security needs. It may be that you are having security problems during the daytime or disturbances occur mainly during the nights. It may also be that the disturbances keep happening at the same locations all the time or different places at different times. But fear not because at Serious Security, we have solutions for all types of security issues.

Securing your business premises

Our professionals make it standard practice to carry out an initial survey of your premises and from their observations they can take the whole situation into their configuring tactics. They will pinpoint the weak spots that need to be made strong by the addition of a camera. They may decide that the path leading to the business or the parking lot may warrant a camera each. The main door to the premise may need a camera and so will the cash register area. Your food and beverage area including all the middle shelves may also require camera surveillance. We can do all this and more!

Contact us

Your business building and the merchandise stored inside are all valuable and we can provide the best security protection for both. Ring us now on (02)8734 3250 for a free quote and we will complete the job for you quickly with our professional touch.