Except for the brief but debilitating effects of the 2007-8 recession Sydney residents have continued to experience an upward surge in their affluence. That is certainly good news but it is also good news for burglars and while Sydney is one of Australia’s beautiful cities, the incidence of break-ins have not abated. At Serious Security we are involved in a non-stop contest of vigilance and positive action against the tide of burglaries to business premises and as a result we have turned our focus to the protection of businesses.

The common underlying factor

When people refer to security whether for houses or for business premises, they are really talking about one common subject – access control. Every security system is associated with the control of access into different premises and because these premises are different in nature and purpose, their security system is also different.  If you own an average sized retail business, the most appropriate system for you would be a CCTV system that has 4 cameras for controlling access. For a supermarket, a CCTV system with 6 cameras would be ideal and so on for larger sized businesses. We can supply these systems at very affordable cost.

The average sized retail shop

For burglars, this type of shop is ideal for fast lifting and fast getaway before anyone can notice anything and often enough, thieves do get away with items in their trouser or jacket side pockets. Shoplifting can be minimized with the installation of a CCTV surveillance system simply because no one in their right mind is going to attempt a lift with a camera whirring away at the whole shop interior. It is enough to force a thief to find another easier and less revealing target. We can supply you with the best CCTV security system for your business.

Multi storied shopping malls

Our security expertise goes beyond the house and average sized shops. We are also experts in providing the best security system packages for very large shops including single storied supermarkets, large grocery stores and multi storied shopping malls. We can configure a system made up of different types of security components into a completely automated system that will address specific issues for different types of businesses. These packages will effectively control access to your premises and monitor every activity that goes on within your premises.

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