At Serious Security in Sydney, our experience in providing security services has allowed us to put together an array of differently configured security solutions for different security issues. Apart from the CCTV surveillance system which is a complete system in itself. Some of these systems will be discussed here for your benefit so you know what to look for when you call or visit us. We can furnish you with information on the other systems.

Access control for your business premise

Access control is particularly effective in large retail or even wholesale businesses. The reason is there are simply more access doors to negotiate in addition to the main entry and exit access doors. You are by now familiar with the basic components of a typical alarm system but if you have forgotten, let’s do some recapping. You must have sensors for placing on access doors and windows. These sensors will send messages to a centralized monitoring system that sets off an alarm when a connection has been disturbed. To stop and reactivate the system you have a switch box to operate.

Back to base monitoring

This system involves the use of a separate station manned by personnel specially trained and skilled in response tactics whenever their alarm is activated from a sensor at the business premise. The first response the monitoring base will do will be to inform the owner or any other contact source specified by the owner. Failing any or all of these contacts, the centre will dispatch a vehicle to the business premise to reconnoitre and report on what is happening at the retail business premise. This is a very effective and dependable type of security system we also offer at Serious Security.

Motion detection within and outside the business premise

The motion detector is a superb tool for enhancing the security of business premises. It can report directly to a mobile app that activates a notification on the mobile or report directly to the back to base monitoring system or both. Sometimes it happens that both the mobile user and base monitoring personnel are warned simultaneously that results in a co-ordinated action between both and usually causes a quick and satisfactory solution of the security issue. In most cases however, separate the owner will be contacted to make the decision.

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