When you become the owner of a medium sized business premise you automatically worry about its security. This is to be expected since it will become very much part of your family support line just as the stream of customers will become the support line for your products. Any disruptions in both lines from the actions of thieves can be very serious.  From Serious Security’s arsenal of security systems, we can provide you with the ideal system to keep the lines moving smoothly without any interruptions.

The combination scenario once again

An assortment of lights, surveillance systems, alarm systems and alerts can be strategically placed within the business confines for monitoring purposes during the day and night. During the day, the most effective system would be the surveillance system that allows you to view activities within your store. This can be suitably complemented with the application of door alarm systems at both the entrance and side and back exit doors. You don’t need a loud noise, just a low buzzing sound to inform that an entrance or exit has been made. A tingling bell sound often does the job well.

Night time vigilance

Burglars won’t even attempt to go near a well lit up store front and they know for sure the back door is firmly unnegotiable. So the first most effective line of security device for you are the bright lights that light up the entire interior of your store. Without the knowledge of the burglar (though they may suspect they are in place) are a whole string of alert and security devices that can send out blare out an alarm, send signals to you or to a manned monitoring station located at a safe and unseen distance and many others. All are lethal to thieves especially when one of them can send a signal to your own mobile phone for viewing followed by corrective action.

Correct installation is vital

It’s all very well to speak about the sophisticated types of security alarm systems that can be put to work to guard your business premises. It is more important to make sure they can be installed in the right way by qualified professionals. At Serious Security we have been involved in selecting and installing all types of security systems, some solo configured while others are combined with other security devices for maximum efficiency and effect. We know exactly the type of system you need for your business and can install it with speed and expertise.

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