Home owners these days find the availability and use of an intercom system in the home as an indispensable part of their lifestyle. Houses are often decked with the latest intercom system for communicating within the home environment itself. This system can effectively connect each room under the one roof allowing occupants to stay in contact at all hours wherever they are in the building.

Intercom systems were once the undisputed privilege of people living in posh mansions and high-ended apartment buildings to enjoy. Their price tags were once unaffordable to ordinary people but all that has now changed and the sighting of intercom systems in average residential homes is now considered as nothing out of the ordinary. There are several very important aspects about intercom systems which are that they:

  • Enable communication links between your own family members
  • Keep family members informed of the whereabouts and activities of other family members in the house
  • Provide a very serious and efficient security function
  • Cordon off the home in the communication sense by forming a separate community right inside the house itself.

An intercom system has numerous benefits for those who opt to use it in their houses. Proponents of the system claim that they are:

  • A means of talking with anyone in any room. Some observers view this as unnecessary extravagance with convenience as the only reason behind procuring the system in the first place
  • convenient and simple to use and can act as a surveillance system as well
  • Much more efficient than using a chain or door peephole as they are automatically activated when the front doorbell sounds
  • Versatile enough to allow you to speak to a visitor to confirm their identity before you open the door to let them in
  • Capable of acting as a monitoring system for what goes on inside your own house
  • Efficient in providing a means of listening in on what others are saying and doing in the house
  • Essential monitoring devices for babies asleep in the house to make sure nothing out the ordinary happens,
  • Instant communication links with elderly occupants in the house who may experience difficulties and in need of assistance.

In addition to usage for security reasons, intercom systems can also be a great source of entertainment for users with their embedded radio, CD or MP3 players. The music from these entertaining devices can be filtered through all the rooms as well as the patio if you fancy holding a family barbecue outdoors. They are supplied with radio and station presets, timers and alarms. They can also double up as an effective surveillance device once it’s connected to a CCTV camera and all these add-ons can be operated efficiently from a central console