No other security services provider in Sydney can provide the variety and range of intercom systems anywhere in or around the city. Only at Serious Security will you find the ideal intercom system you need for the security of your home. We can provide you with differently configured intercom systems that you can use either for your entertainment, communicating or security needs. All the systems are extremely affordable and will fit any budget. You will not find better systems than those supplied by Serious Security in Sydney.

Musical entertainment

We can provide an intercom system suitably configured to allow for music to reverberate within the confines of a single room or for the whole household to enjoy. The system can be plugged into any musical source for an immediate enjoyment of your favourite tunes with you friends or just by yourself. The system can be turned up or down to convey the desired level of sound and it can be turned off at the turn of a dial or push of a button. When you decide to hold a family party and invite friends low background music can be played as the quests mingle and discuss topics of interest.

Voice-Only Intercoms

This is another system we are very proud of that we can install professionally and efficiently in your house for your enjoyment and for security precautions. As the name connotes, the system uses only the vocal cords for uttering words into a microphone for onward transmission into a receiver embedded in another microphone at some other location. The system can be used to convey messages to a person at the gate or at the front door who can either be permitted to enter or left standing outside until they decide to depart.

Wireless intercoms

These intercom systems are slowly replacing the slower and more cumbersome wired intercom systems for very obvious reasons. The wireless systems simply do not require wired connections with any other device or system. Speaker receivers are simply placed at selected locations within or without the house and a central speaker can be used to communicate to every single location at the same time. It is also very simple to relocate the speakers to any other location by simply removing and placing in the desired location.

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