In 2016 there were 188,756 recorded instances of illegal trespassing in Australia. These numbers alone already sends a message to homeowners to protect their homes, especially if they are not around. For people who don’t know how to start protecting their houses, the tips to be discussed here would be of great use to you.

Statistically, the highest rate of burglary happens around 5pm on a Friday and the most popular items reported to be stolen are cash, gadgets, jewelry, and wallets (where all your cards and IDs are). To have even one of these things stolen from you would already be a big blow, so just how are you going to keep these things safe?

The following are tips on how to prevent a house break-in, note that these tips are from testimonies of criminals on what turns them away and from research by experts on the matter.

  1. Keep Your Doors and Windows Locked!

The most basic of these tips which will greatly decrease your chances of being robbed is to LOCK your doors and windows, especially if you no one is home. Every thief will always want an easy target, and nothing makes you more vulnerable than having an unlocked entry point. Take note that this does not only apply to your front door and windows but also to your backdoors, basement doors, garage doors, and all other points of entry.

  1. Lighting

Another simple thing to do that will keep those pesky thieves away from your home is lighting. As simple as it may be, it is very effective. Coming straight from the mouth of former burglars, lights increases their chances of being caught. As such, security system nowadays offers clients with smart lighting that turns on and off at a predetermined time. Newer systems allow the user to control the lights from their gadgets, which is very convenient if you are not home.

  1. Get a Security System Installed

This may come as an expensive solution but it greatly reduces your chances of being robbed. Security systems work so efficiently at their job of keeping your house secure that it is really worthy of your investment. When you do get a security system installed, place a sticker or a sign that your property is protected by one. No thief would want to mess around with a house with a security system installed as it would surely lead them to jail.


Security systems reactions to intrusions vary depending on which system you had installed.

  • Monitored Systems

If your security system is monitored by an alarm company, depending on user preference, the securities will be alerted right away if a breach happens.  Whenever a breach occurs, along with the high decibel alarm, a representative of the alarm company will immediately contact the homeowner (through the control panel), the emergency contacts listed, or call the security right away. This is recommended if you are always away from your home.

  • Non Monitored Systems

Non monitored systems are usually a product of DIY systems. Since it is a much cheaper alternative, users don’t usually get the full benefits of the system, such as being partnered with professional monitoring companies. In the event of a home intrusion, the high decibel alarm will sound and “IT IS THE HOMEOWNERS DUTY TO CONTACT” emergency response personnel to address the crisis. If you are always out, make sure that you ask a favor from your neighbors to contact security hotlines whenever the alarm goes off.