Before installing a security system into your home, it is best to at least know the basic principle of how it works. By knowing how it works, users would now be able to do their own maintenance on the system and adjust some sensors sensitivity. Most of the time people just install a security system and not bother understanding it. This may cause more damage than good because of incidents like false alarms, locking yourself out

Home security systems operate on the basic concept of securing access points with sensors, which when triggered, will send a signal into the control panel. In turn, the control panel will send a signal to the alarm system to alert the homeowner, neighbors, and security.

To have a better understanding on how the system works, one should know how each device operates. These different devices are:

  • Control Panel
  • The control panel is like the brain of your security system. You could basically control every device from there, it is where you arm and disarm your devices, it sounds your alarms whenever one of your sensors detects a breach, and it also notifies the security if such an event happens.

All control panels are programmable and almost every command in it can be protected by a passcode. Newer control panels are now made to work with wireless remotes so the user can trip/off the alarm whenever he pleases.

  • Door and Window Sensors
  • Door and window sensors, when armed, will automatically tell the control panel to trip off the alarm whenever the door/window is opened. Thus when arming these sensors, you must make sure that everyone in your household is already inside unless you’re planning on tripping a false alarm.
  • Motion Sensors
    • Motion sensors works as what it exactly says. This sensor entraps a specific place with an invisible zone, that when breached, trips off the alarm.
  • Alarm System
    • The alarm systems nowadays are usually a high decibel alarm. Its loud volume will surely notify the homeowners and the neighbors alike. The alarm most of the times also startle the burglar causing him to flee in panic.
  • Surveillance Cameras
    • Surveillance cameras can be used is different ways to promote the overall security of your house. This can be in the form of:
      • Giving you vision on places you don’t usually see right away, i.e.: basement, distant areas within your property, garages, workshops, etc.
      • Giving you vision on entry points, allowing you to monitor who currently is at your front door, garage doors, or gate.
      • Records footage of what happened when you were out. This makes it easier for the police to identify the burglar if a recent theft has occurred.
      • For newer models, the surveillance cameras can now be accessed remotely through your gadgets.
    • Shatter Proof Glass Security Film
      • These films are applied to glass in order to hold them together in the event that the glass shatters. This makes it almost impossible to break in through windows prompting the thief to either give up or find another entry point in which only sensors await him.
    • Video Intercoms
      • Video intercoms allow the user to communicate with whoever is in his front door without actually getting there personally. This promotes safety because just the simple act of opening your front door to strangers already invites danger, especially if they are thieves.