Our Home Alarm Systems are designed and installed to the exacting requirements of your own home, so that you can rest assured that everything inside is perfectly protected. Here at Serious Security we are the home alarm experts for the Sydney Metro area, and we guarantee to be able to meet your design specification.

Great value packages, adapted for you

Whatever type and size of house you are looking to secure, we have an alarm system package to suit you. Plus, you can add in whatever features you need, making our packages customisable. Our packages start at under 1k fully installed and have no hidden charges like GST!

Your Alarm System, your way

You don’t need to be the expert here! As long as you can tell us when you are occupying your house, and whether or not you have a pre-wired home, we can fill in all the blanks for you. We’ll help you decide a few important things:

  • How many zones do you need within your home? Your alarm will employ PIRs (motion detectors) in each zone which will trigger the alarm if movement is detected. You just need to decide how many detectors you will need for the distinct areas of your home. We can provide special pet-sensitive detectors, and the option to activate certain zones in At Home / Away modes for when you are travelling.
  • Do you want to add perimeter protection? Think about whether you need protection for your windows, doors and garages – i.e. every entry point to your home. We can easily add this to your package.
  • What do you want to happen when the alarm is triggered? As standard, our Bosch alarms are 100-110 decibels and will sound for 10 minutes. You’ll have an internal and external alarm, so you can choose to rely on this deafening sound raising the alarm with neighbours. Alternatively, you can add the extremely popular option to send an SMS to your phone so you’ll know straight away that the alarm has been activated. There’s even a call-back option where one of our security cars can be out to your property in minutes once the alarm has been triggered.

You know what you want from your home alarm system – we know how to fit it with excellence.

Quality as standard

All of our products are ISO 9001 Certified, backed with a minimum 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.

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