You may have definitely decided to install an alarm system in your house and the reasons you sight are often different from other house owners who also want to install similar systems. However at Serious Security, we have noted that the process of deciding on a suitable alarm system always hinges on whether the alarm system you want should be wired or wireless. We offer you some basic tips on whether you should opt for a wired system and the circumstances surrounding the choice or to opt for a wireless system and the benefits that will accrue from that choice.

Comparing system reliability

Quite apart from whether an alarm system is wired or wireless, the most important aspect that should determine the choice would be reliability. The alarm system must have enough reliability to detect an intrusion that interrupts the circuit and sets off the alarm. Both systems would be ineffective in a robbery or a breaking in scenario if it fails to work when the time comes for it to give the alarm so corrective or preventive action can be taken. Many house owners have become burglar casualties simply because their installed systems failed to function properly. They were unreliable.

Setting off a false alarm

If you alarm system suffers the detrimental consequences of calling ‘wolf’ or setting off too many false alarms can have a disastrous effect upon the security of your house. Just think for example that you have asked friends or neighbours to keep a lookout on your home while you go shopping visiting or on vacation overseas. That’s admirable but your alarm system keeps setting off an alarm when nothing has happened. The morale on those you’ve asked to do you a favour gradually deteriorates into disappointment, then frustration that turns into complete inactivity. It doesn’t pay to install a system that sets off false alarms and wireless systems have been notorious failures in this area.

Enlisting professional help is the way to go

Admittedly, great strides have been made in technological efficiency that has led to more efficient alarm systems by manufacturers and technical experts and we now find a significant decline in the number of incidents of wireless systems setting off false alarms. But even here, there is little room for complacency as even the most perfectly made alarm system can still succumb to malfunctions. The only sure way of preventing that from happening is by having your system installed by a professional alarm system installer like Serious Security.

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