Serious Security have been involved with security systems for many years and have amassed a wealth of acumen and expertise in knowing just the right type of alarm system that you need. Our professionals can help you identify, install and test the alarm system so that it will provide the best security for your home when you are at home or when you are away on an errand. We have the expertise and the manpower to take care of your needs.

Burglary on the rise

There has been a significant drop in the price of all security systems over the past few years. This has led many house owners to go all out in purchasing security systems to safeguard their homes from the breaking and entering practices of burglars. The main reason for this nationwide turn to security systems has been the marked increase in breaking and entering associated with robbing of valuables from homes as well as damage to property. Serious Security in Sydney stands at the ready, fully equipped and manned to the teeth to combat this rise in clandestine burglary activities.

The primary targets

For any home that has been targeted for breaking and entering by burglars, the main attention has been the doors and windows. Be warned however that recent confessions from the very mouths of burglars reveal that most burglaries occur through the open doors of houses in broad daylight. Yes! Many burglars gain entry into homes because the front or back doors have been left open when no one was in the house. Many burglars however still do it the usual way by entering and breaking through weak doors and insufficiently bolted windows.

The appropriate security move

When you have decided to take the plunge to select and have an alarm system installed, don’t do a DIY dare because that’s the surest way you will get yourself entangled in a mess. You will find yourself standing out as a beacon to thieves who will become regular visitors to your house and take your valuables away at their leisure. The safest way to select and install a really good alarm system is to make contact with experts like Serious Security and have them assist you in installing your system for you. That way you will both safeguard your house and act as a deterrent to burglars.

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