One of the most interesting aspects of motion detector alarm systems is that they are easy to choose and install and their effectiveness in promoting your security has been proven. Needless to say, you are at liberty to choose the type of security system for your home but motion detectors are becoming more popular due to their continual updating, size, effectiveness and cheaper prizes that are tumbling all the while. It’s more than likely that with time motion detectors plus all their accessories will be available to every home owner.

There is no question that the:

  • Presence of light in any security situation especially during night time will nab some intruders.
  • Cameras may capture real time images of burglars doing their thieving tricks, but
  • The beauty about motion detectors is their design to:
    • protect the family
    • frighten burglars off your property
    • alert the authorities to what is happening

Motion detectors were once very popular devices used in spy films but they have easily infiltrated the residential market arena with demand for their use coming from home owners. It should be noted that setting off the motion detector alarm system by accident can be fatal to the effectiveness of motion detectors as alarm systems. There are two basic methods for controlling the misuse of the system such as:

  • The master of the house should make sure that the system is used only by those designated to do so and
  • Each and every member of the household (especially children) should be made familiar with the nature and purpose of the system. They should be thoroughly familiar with the system especially how not to activate the system at the wrong time.

Knowing how a motion detector works is a step in the right direction for members of the household:

  • Motion sensors are equipped to transmit a passive infrared ray outwards to cover the most likely path of an intruder
  • The infrared signals are sent by an electronic chip inside the device and are impossible to see with ordinary vision.
  • The transmitted beam monitors temperature instead of movement.
  • A warm body passing through the beam results in an interruption of the beam waves and the system is activated which turns the light on revealing the moving form.

In addition to this active detection mode, there are many other types and one is the radar system that works like a radar gun that bounces microwave signals off the moving object. There are also ultrasonic systems that transmit sound waves and identify the moving form by measuring the bounced off echo. Again, it’s possible to set your own basic motion detector system yourself however, professional assistance should be sought for the installing the more sophisticated models.