Removals and packing – check. Energy and water suppliers – check. Internet – of course check! Home Alarm – I hadn’t thought of that…!

When you move into a new property, you’ve spent so much time planning the move and working out how to get all of your mail, bills and belongings transferred over that you’re exhausted. But you might not have thought about having an alarm fitted – maybe you’ve assumed there’s one already there? Probably not, and certainly not registered to you. Your home is your security, your family’s safe space. Why leave the decision about fitting an alarm to the last minute? It doesn’t have to be difficult or time-consuming. We can do all the hard work, with just a little bit of information from you!

You can get started with booking your installation as soon as construction is underway. If you want a wireless system or your home is pre-wired, we can install when you are just moving in – it’s never too early, and it’s still not too late!

First things first…

Decide what kind of system you require. We can help you with every decision you need to make – from the package you need based on the size of your property (from around 1k fully fitted), to the extras you want to add on to make the system work perfectly for you and your family.

If you’re moving into a new build property and the construction is not complete, talk to your builder about how many zones you will require – this will decide how many detectors you need to have, and where. You might want to have pet-sensitive detectors fitted, or the kind that are triggered only when you leave the house.

You also need to have a chat with your family and think about what kind of warning alert you want to have when the alarm is triggered. Most people have a phone alert added to the system, so that you can be informed whenever the alarm has gone off. You could also have the added security of an SMS or iPhone ping– the choice is yours.

Make an easy decision

So much of moving house takes multiple calls, wasted time and lots of frustration. Not with us – Serious Security are the Sydney Metro area’s trusted alarm supplier and we can deal with your quote and installation smoothly and swiftly (we can usually have the whole process complete in 1-2 weeks).

All of our products are ISO 9001 Certified, backed with a minimum 12 months manufacturer’s warranty.  You can also purchase one of our longer-term warranties.

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