Whether you have movement detectors or wired or unwired alarm systems in your house, they can never match the precise and instantaneous results that a CCTV system can give you.  It is true that these systems do well on their own but even better when they can be connected to a CCTV system. At Serious Security our skills in offering different security packages is unmatched and we have satisfied countless customers with the security systems we provide them. There is no one perfect system but the CCTV surveillance system comes very close.

From the front fence

The CCTV system possesses a lot of versatility that can be harnessed to combat the actions of burglars. It can be used to bolster the restrictive propensity of the outside fence, that first line of defence. The CCTV cameras can scan the whole front perimeter of your house while you slumber soundly in bed. The camera is usually accompanied by 3 or more cameras that are strategically placed at weak or blind spots around the house making sure these weak spots are covered. Thieves who cross the fence threshold face the instantaneous take of the cameras.

Towards the doors and windows

None but only the foolhardy burglar will even attempt to open the door when they spot the cameras. The wise thing to do would be to immediately cover up their faces if they are indeed uncovered and retreat gracefully away from the premises. If they have face coverings they would think twice again of proceeding further knowing that the camera or cameras have taken images of shirt, trousers and implements in hand that can prove to be convincing evidence later on. The best alternative would be to pick an easier target.

The Finale

All the cameras will zoom in on their quarry once the culprits cross the line of camera alignment and take immediately to a recording hard disk that forms an integral part of the security system. This is the final stage of the security scenario where the filmed images of the burglars are transmitted to and stored in the hard disc of the central control panel for later viewing. This part of the security process allows police to identify and follow up their investigations on the suspects identified in the video takes.

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