At Serious Security in Sydney, everyone perform their jobs with professionalism and excellence and they know the best way of confronting the tactics of burglars when committing their crimes. They can think like burglars. They simulate their plans and anticipate their tactics and act accordingly in counteracting their every move. This is the way in which our professionals think when they select security products, configure them and install them in houses or business premises. They go about their work with stealth and purpose and they know exactly what they are doing.

Not a simple task

Security is not only about proficiency and excellence of performance. It is also about the actual effectiveness of what they do. At Serious Security we are so serious about this aspect we make sure everything is done by the book to ensure that the ultimate target is achieved. That ultimate aim is to provide quality images of burglars suspected of committing the breaking and entering violation on the privacy of house owners. Of course the surest way of achieving the ultimate target is in selecting, configuring and installing an appropriate CCTV security system.

The selection process

The selected team to expedite the project will first of all select the type of security system to be installed. It will base its selection on the size of the building in question for the size will determine the number of cameras needed. It will consider the strategic locations of the main critical areas where cameras need to be placed. It will determine whether a wired or wireless surveillance system is to be preferred and whether or not a centralized monitoring control area is needed. Nothing must be left to chance but everything done exactly according to client needs and expectations.

The configuration process

Configuring the exact system that will fit perfectly into whatever security scenario has been identified will depend on the information gathered about the house, business or office premises. It will depend on the size of the house as well as the height for safe placement of the cameras. If the system is to be wired, the length of wiring needed must be determined or if not, if any additional cameras need to be deployed at other critically vulnerable spots. The configuring process will be followed immediately by the installation and the testing of the whole system.

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