Security cameras areuseful and essential, but they can really befun as well. We always talk about how important surveillance cameras are for general security and safety, loss prevention and crime observation. Now,let us talk about other things that a CCTV can do.
CCTVs Can Be Used as Live Cams
Through a CCTV camera, we can go to amazing places and see things like penguins shuffling through the snow in Germanyor see the famous Winter the Dolphin in Clearwater, Florida.Security Cams can be educational, entertaining and inspirational.
Marketing Uses
Surveillance cameras can help market retail products and stores. Camera footages can be used to review shopping patterns, collect demographic data, and determine how well customers reactto certain factors in the retail environment.
Managers would not gain enough feedback from customers to know if the company is delivering good services to them. For instance, in a department store, CCTV cameras help managers know if the customer is treated properly, if the customer’s question is completelyanswered, or if the customer is thanked by staff members and offered a credit card. These cameras provide important feedback to improve customer service, which will keep customers coming back, build brand loyalty, and increase the customers’trust in the service or product.
The Benefits of Using CCTV in Construction Sites
Security cameras are now being used in creating time lapse videos at construction sites. Despite of the harsh conditions, these cameras can now safely show the progress of a construction to stakeholders, clients and executive management. These footages can be used for training purposes. Using CCTVs canalso protect high cost building materials, and most importantly, allows remote monitoring to ensure the safety of the workers.
Controlling a Crowd
Places like football stadiums can use CCTV cameras to monitor crowds. The large number of people at sporting events can cause uncomfortable scenes while entering and exiting the facility. Security cameras can monitor high traffic areas to make sure that the passage is safe and smooth.
Improving the Flow of Traffic
CCTVscan measure traffic flow and congestion. They are used for red light cameras, and aids emergency service vehicles to reach hospitals faster. Several cities and towns display their surveillance camera images on their websites to help drivers anticipate traffic problems before they head out of their homes in the morning. Many local governments are now using surveillance cameras because they are effective in improving traffic flow.
Reaching Places that are Physically Inaccessible
CCTV Cameras are now used for surgical operations, as well as in laboratories where very sensitive materials are monitored. They are also used in oil, gas and petrochemical facilities, both off shore and on shore, and in zones that are off-limits to workers. Surveillance cameras are also used in places where excavation work is being done to make sure that there are no factors that couldharm operatorsor damage multi-million dollar pieces of equipment.