In many cases of burglary, we always tend to look for suspects away from the neighbourhood and in doing so we overlook the likelihood that the burglar may actually come from people living very close to us. At Serious Security in Sydney we have experienced these happenings and we’ve found that one sure way of finding out is to install a CCTV security system in your house. A system you can remotely operate from the safe confines of your home. We can provide such a system for you at a very affordable cost and install ii in your home for you.

Physical harm

When burglars make their entrance into homes, they know they have to make a fast exit. Anything can happen during an escape run along an escape route and you are reminded not to be caught in the paths of an escaping thief. To avoid capture burglars can and have injured home occupants who stood in their way. An installed CCTV system can record the burglar’s entry and may catch him on video during the escape run. With a CCTV, the burglar would have been caught on video and foiling the escape would be unnecessary.

Damage to property

Not only can burglars cause physical injuries during their escape, they can also inflict heavy damage to valuable decorations in the house when they make their quick getaway. Thieves have been known to overturn and damage furniture, cracked doors, broke windows and more seriously, they have threatened the lives of people who reside in homes they have just entered.  They have been known to harass and force house occupants to do their bidding or else. None of these things can go unnoticed with the presence of a CCTV surveillance system.

Loss of valuables

Reliable figures show that the average loss of wealth and valuables sustained by every burglarized home is over a thousand dollars. That is not an insignificant amount and when pooled together from the hundreds of thousands of burglarized homes in Sydney each year, it becomes a colossal amount that can make some people very rich. You may think to yourself that burglaries only happen to others and not yourself, but we know that this is a mistaken notion and it would be worth your while to take immediate action now to avoid being included on the list of burglarized homes.

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